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Steel Quoits


Steel Quoits

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  • Genuine steel quoits designed for clay pit pitches in the North of England
  • Designed to be within known English league specifications
  • Nicely made and finished by a British blacksmith
  • Lightly oiled to avoid rusting
  • Not for children
  • Made in Britain Made in Britain

Pair steel quoits 5¼lb (2.4Kg each quoit)

ETA: 1 working day + transit time

Ref: 00H1R8


£102.49 (Ex.VAT)

Pair lighter steel quoits (nominally 4¾lb but may be anything from 2155 - 2190g each quoit)

ETA: 1 working day + transit time

Ref: 00H1RW


£101.66 (Ex.VAT)

For an immediate quote & ETA, add to the basket & select your location.

It doesn't come more traditional than this. Forget your rope rings and rubber quoits; these are the genuine article. The ancient game of Quoits has been played for centuries in Scotland, Wales and England, and its ancestor was played in the first Olympic Games. These heavy steel rings are designed to be thrown 11 or 18 yards into traditional clay pits at a stake buried in the ground. Quoits is not a game for wimps - when you pick up your first quoit and feel the solid weight, it is easy to understand that quoits were originally weapons of war and hunting.

The quoits sold here are made from quality mild steel that has been hardened to the maxiumum extent using a special process that also achieves an attractive matt silver/grey finish. Each has been machined to regulation specification by a British precision engineering manufacturer and then case-hardened to a nominal hardness rating of 61-63 Rockwell. Quoits are shaped in the classic style with a slightly concave bottom (look out for non-traditional imitations with flat undersides).

The standard dimensions are 8 1/2 inches outside diameter, 5 1/2 inch hole and 5¼ lb (2.4kg) in weight for each quoit.

Important note: We do lubricate the quoits to minimise oxidization but even so, over time, some rust will start to appear - as it will for any mild steel object. It is cosmetic and easily brushed off. Quoits is a dirty game so if you seek shiny, pristine-looking quoits, then these quoits are not for you.

Custom-made Quoits

Ladies sometimes throw lighter quoits and some areas prefer a lighter weighted quoit. Some regions outside of the North of England play with completely different sized quoits - For instance, in Wales and Scotland, they use a frighteningly heavy celtic quoit each weighing about 9 pounds with a 4 inch hole. It may be possible to make quoits to your specification if you are prepared to pay a premium for special tooling to be made. Please email for a quote.

Warning: Real quoits like these are dangerous. Their weight and shape can cause serious injury. Quoiters and spectators must always take care to stand well clear of the target area while the game is underway. Quoits are not suitable for children.

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