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Pool Tables & Pool Accessories


Pool Tables & Pool Accessories

Here is our fine selection of quality Pool Tables, all at fantastic prices. Our vast collection ensures that we have the right table for you, no matter what your budget is. Browse the categories below to pick out your perfect Pool Table.

Pool Tables are an excellent addition to any games room in the home and a smart acquisition for any pub or club. Our range goes from foldable children's sized tables all the way up to coin operated, slate bed tables. Due to the cost involved, it's important you make the right choice so we are on hand to advise you and help you make the best decision. Give us a call today.

See also: Room Size Guide for Billiards, Snooker and Pool Tables. See also: Branding Pool Tables & Football Tables.



Home / Hobby Pool Tables

These pool tables offer high quality and great value and will satisfy the need of casual players, those with limited space and those looking for a table suitable for younger children.

Many of these tables have removable or foldable legs meaning that storage is easy and convenient and the table can be assembled and dissembled as required.

Although these pool tables are well designed and manufactured to a high standard they are not suitable for pubs/clubs or offices and other public places where consistent and heavy use is likely to occur.



Free-play Slate Bed Pool Tables

High quality, slate bed, free-play pool tables all at extremely competitive prices.

These pool tables are designed for heavier use and are very durable meaning they are well suited to domestic use for the more serious players as well as pubs, clubs and offices.

Many of these tables have a number of customisation options, allowing you to specify the size, laminate design and baize colour of your pool table, ensuring you get the ideal table to suit your individual needs.

Gatley Slimline Pool Table

Currently unavailable

Slate-bed table with a shallow cabinet - ideal for tricky installations.

DPT Elite Pool Table - Freeplay


Slate bed Pool table in 6ft or 7ft size in a range of finishes - great value

DPT Omega Pro Pool Table - Freeplay - 6ft & 7ft


British made, slate bed pool table - 6ft or 7ft in a range of finishes.


DPT Emirates Pool Table - Freeplay


UK made, freeplay, slate bed table with ball return & cue ball separator.

Supreme Winner Pool Table - Freeplay - 6ft, 7ft

From £1299.90

Great quality freeplay slate-bed table suitable for clubs, offices and domestic use. Available in various finishes.

Supreme Prince Pool Table - 6ft & 7ft (freeplay)

From £1559.90

Elegantly designed, great value and very robust. Suitable for pubs/clubs and domestic use. Variety of finishes.


Dynamic Triumph American Pool Table

From £2130.00

Slate-bed American pool table available in 7ft or 8ft size.

Hand-made Snooker / Pool Table - 6ft, 7ft, 8ft

From £2599.90

Beautiful, traditional Snooker / Pool table, hand-made in Britain.

Dynamic Kiev Pool Billiards Table - 7 / 8ft

Out of stock

Great quality freeplay slate-bed table suitable for clubs, offices and domestic use. Made in Germany.


Dynamic Renaissance 8ft Pool Table - Antique Brown

Due 15 Feb 2022

Freeplay 8ft slate bed table made in Germany with included dining top

Dynamic Bern Slate Bed Pool Table

Out of stock

Elegant slate-bed table with side accessory storage drawer.

Dynamic II 9ft American Style Pool Table

Out of stock

9ft American style Pool table, slate bed, made in Germany


Dynamic III Pool Table

From £3960.00

Tournament quality slate bed pool table.



Slate Bed Pool Dining Tables

Our range of beautifully designed and superbly manufactured pool / dining tables allow you the convenience of having a pool table and a dining table in the same room!. The tables are easily converted from dining height to playing height and solve the age old problem concerning space in the home! make compromise a thing of the past and sit down and eat where you rack up and play.

As you can see from the pictures the tables look great as a dining table but they are also exceptional pool tables in their own right.



Coin-Op Slate Bed Pool Tables

High quality, robust pool tables at competitive prices, these tables are coin or token operated and are the ideal choice for any pub or club where pay to play is required.

The robust nature of these pool tables ensure that they will stand the test of time in even the most boisterous of environments. As you can see the quality of design is top pocket and the pool tables are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable.

DPT Omega Pro Pool Table - Coin-op


British made slate bed Pool table perfect for pubs, clubs & hotels - unbeatable value for a coin-op table.

Supreme Winner Pool Table - Coin-op - 6ft, 7ft

From £1629.90

Excellent value for a sturdy pub standard table. Available in a variety of finishes

Supreme Prince Pool Table 6ft & 7ft - Mechanical Coin-Op

From £1869.90

Great value, beautiful design and very durable table. Suitable for pubs/clubs and domestic use.


Supreme Prince Pool Table 6ft & 7ft - Electronic Coin-Op

From £2069.90

Robust yet elegantly designed table ideal for pubs/clubs or domestic play.



Outdoor Pool Tables

Weatherproof Pool tables designed to withstand the outdoors.



Pool Accessories

Our range of Pool balls, Pool cues, Pool racks and other bits and bobs such as billiards chalk and cue racks suitable for American Pool and English Pool tables.

We have also included our selection of rests because although most smaller Pool tables don't need a rest, it does make life much easier for children and larger American Pool tables should always possess at least one cross rest and probably a spider as well.



Billiard Table Accessories - for Snooker, Pool and Bar Billiards

Billiard table cloth/baize, cushion rubber, brushes, irons, lighting and various minor accessories


The Origin of Pool

Following centuries of Billiards dominated by England and France, during the 19th century a third country became obsessed with the sport of cues and balls. The oldest Billiards games played in the USA were One-Pocket and Four-Ball Billiards but the sport rapidly evolved with a variety of different games being played on Pool tables, some with balls numbered 1 - 15 . The word "pool" means a collective bet and became a term for the game when it began to be played in 19th century "pool rooms" which were then places for betting on horses.

Eight-ball pool was invented in America shortly after 1900 as just one of a number of American Pool games. The balls are split into two types, spots and stripes. The black eight-ball, although nominally of the spot type is counted as a separate entity and the first person to pot all the balls of their nominated type and then finish with the black wins.

In England, Eight Ball was arguably the most popular pub game of the 1980's and 1990's. Regulars know the game simply as Pool but it should not be confused with the older English version of Pool. So popular is this version of pool that many modern tables in England feature 7 balls of 2 colours (often red and yellow), instead of the more traditional numbered balls with which other versions of pool can be played. In 1960 there were no Pool tables in Britain but by 1986 there were estimated to be around 45,000 tables in pubs and clubs, the advantage being that the smaller tables required less space than the more traditional 12' x 6' Snooker/Billiards table.

You can learn more about the history of Billiards, Snooker and Pool from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.

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