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Ground & Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment


Ground & Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment

Deck Shuffleboard or Outdoor Shuffleboard is a great game that is suitable for all ages from around 6 years. Players take turns to push the discs with the special cue aiming for the target area at the other end while also trying to nudge their opponent's discs into the penalty area!


Shuffleboard Court Packages


Deck Shuffleboard Accessories


The History of Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard or Shovelboard was originally an old English game played on the long dining tables of the aristocracy as an after-dinner entertainment. It was converted to be played on the deck of cruise liners towards the end of the 1800s to while away the long hours on board ship. This version of the game was called Deck Shuffleboard and it became very popular with colonists on their way across the Atlantic to the Americas. This in turn gave rise to the modern American version of the game where it is now known simply as Shuffleboard.

To learn more about the history of Shuffleboard visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.

Customers Also Viewed

Mini Shuffleboard - Mini board Package

Shuffleboard Court Mini Board Package. A fun short version, easy to assemble, ideal for children and the disabled. Perfect for fairs.

30 foot Shuffleboard Court

30 foot Poly Shuffleboard Court constructed from special patented mesh panels, designed to make the disks slide beautifully. Telescopic cues available

Deluxe 40 foot Shuffleboard Court

Deluxe 40 foot Shuffleboard Court, top-of-the-range, portable, full size. Constructed from special patented mesh panels, for beautifully sliding disks

27 foot Roll-out Mini Shuffleboard Court

27 foot mini roll-out Shuffleboard Court, a convenient size both for transporting and for fitting into smaller areas. Great fun for all ages!

40 foot Roll-out Shuffleboard Court

40 foot maxi roll-out Shuffleboard Court, full size & portable, takes a few minutes to set up, ideal for indoor play at gyms, clubs, community centres

Half Mini Shuffleboard Court Package

Mini Half size Shuffleboard court ideal for both indoor or outdoor play and the whole court can be assembled or dismantled in under 15 minutes!

Tuffy Shuffleboard Cue Heads

Tuffy cue heads for outdoor ground Shuffleboard cues. More robust than standard cue heads - for event companies, cruise ships and other public areas

Continental Shuffleboard Cue Heads

Continental cue heads for outdoor ground Shuffleboard cues. Ideal for greater accuracy and better performance on poly tile courts

Shuffleboard Scoreboard | For Ground / Deck Shuffleboard

All-weather aluminium gold anodized shuffleboard scoreboard. 12" x 24" in size and featuring plastic score indicators that slide up and down.

Pair of wax sticks for Shuffleboard discs

A pair of wax sticks for Shuffleboard. Rubbing wax on to the base of your Shuffleboard discs ensures a smooth glide across the surface of the court.

Silicone Spray

Pump-action spray for the base of your Shuffleboard discs to give an even smooth glide. 6% silicone content.

Deck Shuffleboard Accessory Set - 4 Cues & 8 discs

A good value Shuffleboard equipment set that provides high quality components for your Shuffleboard game. Includes 4 cues and 8 discs.

Telescopic Shuffleboard Cues | Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment

Telescopic cues for outdoor shuffleboard. Adjustable to suit differing heights. Gold anodized aluminium tubing with all plastic cue head.

Set of 8 Shuffleboard discs | Deck Shuffleboard Equipment

A set of 8 Shuffleboard Discs: 4 Yellow and 4 Black. 6 inches in diameter - the official size approved by the National Shuffleboard Association

Resort (Tuffy) Shuffleboard Cues | Robust Cue for Commercial Use

Robust Resort / Tuffy Shuffleboard Cues designed for intensive commercial / public use. Bronze alloy shaft with cue ball head. Sold as singles or sets of 4.


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