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Carpet Bowls


Carpet Bowls

Many people assume that Carpet Bowls is a frivolous activity but the game is as serious as any, with leagues, national competitions and a passionate following. Dedicated competitors will prefer a set manufactured by Drakes Pride, for decades the leading name in bowls equipment.

If you aren't sure which indoor Bowls mat sport is best for your situation please see our guide - Carpet Bowls or Short Mat?

See also: FAQ - Carpet Bowls or Short Mat?.


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Drakes Pride Coloured Carpet Bowls

Drakes Pride Coloured Carpet Bowls, diameter of the bowls is 3 & 7/8 inch (9.8cm) with an extra bias for the shorter length (30 feet) mats.

Drakes Pride Biased Carpet Bowls - black or brown

Set of 4 Drakes Pride Biased Carpet Bowls. 3 & 7/8 inch(9.8cm) diameter, with an extra bias for 30 foot mats. Ideal for village / community halls

Disabled Bowls Equipment | Lifters, Bowls Arms, Sticks & More

Aids for disabled/elderly players. Lawn Bowling Arm in 4 sizes. Bowls & Jack lifters 2 versions available. Folding walking stick with a wide base.

Drakes Pride Bowls Scoreframes - Horizontal & Vertical

Drakes Pride Bowls Scoreframes - choice of three scoreframes. Supplied with ground spikes for firm positioning. Strong, coated aluminium scorecards.

Bowls Polishing Kit

Bowls Polishing Kit, includes Grip Tight Bowls Wax & Polish, polishing sleeveBowls Sheen cleaning compound & 4 Bowls Identification Markers

Drakes Pride Carpet Bowls Starter Kit

Drakes Pride Carpet Bowls starter kit. Economical way to start a club, includes all necessary equipment. 30ft mat, 8 pairs of bowls, jack & centre block

Unbiased Scottish Carpet Bowls

Drakes Pride Unbiased Scottish Carpet Bowls. 3 & 7/8 inch (9.8cm) in diameter, they have no bias for the Scottish game, available in black or brown

Drakes Pride Standard Outdoor Lawn Bowls Jacks

Drakes Pride Standard Outdoor Lawn Bowls Jack 63-64mm, approx. 266g, available in a set of six or singularly, in yellow or white

Lawn Bowls related Gifts, Presents & Presentation Packs

Gifts and Presents relating to the sport of Bowls. Including Drakes Pride bowls Gift Packs and novelty bowls gifts

Single Bowls Mat Handling Unit (for 1 short mat or bowls carpet)

Sturdy Bowls Mat Handling Unit (for one short mat or bowls carpet). For safely and quickly storing a single bowls mat.

Double Bowls Mat Handling Unit (for 2 short mat or bowls carpet)

Sturdy double Bowls Mat Handling Unit (for two short mats or bowls carpets). For safely and quickly storing two bowls mats.

Mats for Short Mat & Carpet Bowls by Verdemat & Drakes Pride

A range of mats for carpet and short mat bowls. Quality bowls mats from verdemat and Drakes Pride. Excellend prices and reliable service

PVC Carry Bag For Carpet & Short Mat Bowls Mats

A convenient PVC carry/storage bag for Carpet and Short Mat bowls mats. Hard wearing and very durable. Allows for easy storage & transportation.

Drakes Pride Bowls Carpet Carry/Storage Bag

Drakes Pride, a storage bag or cover for bowls carpets. Carry bag suitable for 45 foot short mat bowls carpets and for 30 foot carpet bowls mats.

Drakes Pride Bowls Footmats & Footers

From Drakes Pride, robust, rubber, regulation Lawn and Crown Green bowls mats / footers. Range of colours available. Low prices & quick dispatch.

Carpet Bowls Centre Blocks - Rectangular & Circular Blocks

A good range of centre blocks for Carpet Bowls in rectangular and circular designs. Manufactured by leading Bowls brands.


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