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Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower


Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower

The original (small) tower game was Jenga, now owned by Hasbro, the corporate toy giant. Jenga is a modern classic - take turns to remove the bricks from the stack and place them on top. The tension mounts until finally the inevitable happens and the stack falls over!

We have probably the best range of Jenga and premium Giant Tower games available including all versions of Hi Tower and Tumble Tower, starting from 30cm to a whopping 130cm. We recommend Towers that stack without gaps between the blocks as they're quicker to build at the start of the game.

See also: Giant Mega Hi Tower Comparison Table.


Giant Tumble Tower and Mega Hi Tower games

Mega Hi Tower (pine, small footprint, with bag)


Starts at 91cm. A slightly thinner tower but no gaps. Made from softwood.

Uber Giant Tumble Tower (pine)


Made from softwood, tower starts at 90cm high. With a bag. No gaps.

Giant Tower (pine, optional bag)

From £82.99

Softwood bricks, no gaps. Initially 90cm. Optional bag.


Garden Games Hi Tower (pine, large footprint, with bag)

Due 30 Jan 2022

Starts at over 1m & larger base area. Softwood blocks with gaps. Optional bag.

Uber Giant Tumble Tower (hardwood)


Starts 90cm high without gaps. From durable hardwood with a bag.

Uber 130cm Mega Tumble Tower


Our largest tower. Starts at 130cm, no gaps. Hardwood blocks in 2 bags.


Mid-size Giant Tower games

Uber Tumble Tower


Mid-size tower ideal for kids. Starts at 60cm in a bag.

Tower of Balance


A fun twist on the Tumble Tower. Try to knock the top block off with the throwing bags


Jenga & Table-top Tumble Tower Games



From Hasbro, the corporate giant, Jenga is the original tower game. 27cm high.

Uber Topple Tower


Starts at 27cm. Blocks made from mango wood. Carry bag

Ludus Ludi Deluxe Multi-Timber Tumble Tower


A very stylish tumble tower with each block made from a different wood.


Cuboro Babel Pico - Fasal Edition


A tower building game by Cuboro. Try to stop your opponent from adding blocks to the tower.

The Ladders Game - by Ludus Ludi


Not a tumble tower in the traditional sense but a wonderfully imaginative product.


Customers Also Viewed

Giant Tower - Garden Tumble Tower Game

Garden Games Giant Tower, classic giant version of the game. A real eye-catcher now has an optional bag. Low price, swift delivery and our 5* service

Hi Tower | Giant Tumble Tower Game

Hi Tower - the original giant tumbling tower block game. Starts at 1m high! Giant Tumble Tower game with a carry bag. Swift dispatch and low price

Mega Hi Tower With Bag | Giant Tumble Tower Game

Popular version of Giant Tower. Mega Hi Tower is suitable for pubs, parties and events. Includes canvas carry bag. Immediate dispatch, low price

Uber Giant Tumble Tower | 90cm tower, 56 blocks with carry bag

Uber Giant Tumble Tower is fantastic at parties, weddings & other events. Made from lighter pine softwood, tower starts at 90cm high. With a bag.

Uber Giant Tumble Tower - Hardwood Tower For Events & Parties

Uber Giant Tumble Tower for parties, socials and other events. Starts 90cm high, made from beautiful, durable hardwood and with a sturdy nylon bag.

Uber 130cm Mega Tumble Tower - Our Biggest Tumble Tower

Uber Mega Tumble Tower - largest tower game available. Starting at 130cm high, beautiful polished hardwood blocks in 2 carry bags. For adults.

Uber Tumble Tower - Giant Size Tower Game

Perfect for children, Uber Tumble Tower is a mid-size outdoor version of the game. Starting at 60cm, made from light softwood with a carry bag.

Tower of Balance | Tumble Tower Target Game | BS Toys GA232

A fun variation of the Tumble Tower, the Tower of Balance incorporates throwing bags as players attempt to knock off the top block of the tower.

Jenga | the original tumbling tower game

Jenga is the original (small) toppling bricks game, a modern classic. Jenga is swiftly dispatched from our UK warehouse.

Uber Tumble Tower - table-top game

Uber Games standard size Tumble Tower with Canvas Carry Bag. Take turns to remove a brick but don't make the tower fall!

Ludus Ludi Deluxe Multi-Timber Tumble Tower

A stylish & deluxe contemporary multi-timber version of the classic Tumble Tower game. Featuring 51 blocks each made from a different type of wood

The Ladders Game - by Ludus Ludi

The ladders Game is a truly inventive and imaginative product. Play on your own or with friends as you interlock the ladders in what ever way you desire.

Cuboro Babel Pico - Fasal Edition - Tower Game

From Cuboro, Babel Pico is a strategic construction game. Who can stop the construction of the tower? Buy now from the traditional games specialist.


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