Jenga,Table-top Tumble Towers

Jenga,Table-top Tumble Towers

The original Tumble Tower game was Jenga, invented in Africa and taking its name from the Swahili word for 'build'. The classic game grew rapidly in popularity in modern times and has become a true family favourite. The original Jenga spawned masses of similar products, as well as Giant versions of the game.

Masters Games has a great selection of Tumble Tower games in all different sizes! All the Tumble Towers featured here are designed for playing on a table and most start at around 27cm high.

The rules of Jenga really couldn't be simpler as players take it in turns to remove one block from the tumble tower and place it on the top. The player who causes the Jenga tower to tumble loses. It is a hugely enjoyable game filled with excitement and tension and one that is always guaranteed to go down well!


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From Hasbro, the corporate giant, Jenga is the original tower game. 27cm high.

Starts at 27cm. Blocks made from mango wood. Carry bag

A very stylish tumble tower with each block made from a different wood.

A circular twist on the family favourite





Remove blocks from the wall but don't make it collapse

Not a tumble tower in the traditional sense but a wonderfully imaginative product.


Round Tumble Tower

A circular twist on the family favourite! This round Tumble Tower is great fun for adults and children alike and is guaranteed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. The semi-circular bricks are slotted together to form an attractive circular tow...

Ludus Ludi Deluxe Multi-timber Tumble Tower

A stylish and contemporary version of the classic Tumble Tower game. This beautiful set consists of 51 pieces, each cut from a different type of wood, with each one bearing an engraving of the tree from whence it came. This gives the tower its distinct an...

The Ladders Game - by Ludus Ludi

This is a inventive and imaginative product. Play on your own or with friends as you interlock the ladders in what ever way you desire. There are no set rules for The Ladders Game and it could be used simply as an interesting ornament. One suggestion i...

Wall Game

The Wall Game is an exciting game for all ages and plays similar to the family favourite, Jenga. Players take turns to remove a brick from the wall without making it collapse. For added enjoyment, a wooden figurine is placed on top of the wall, with th...

Uber Table-top Tumble Tower with carry bag

This is a table-top size tower game that comes in a convenient sturdy canvas carry bag for ease of storage and transportation. The tower is 27cm high over 19 levels at the start of play, which is pretty much the standard size for the table-top version ...


The original (small) version of the toppling bricks game was Jenga. Invented in East Africa and named after the Swahili word for "build", the rights to Jenga were bought in the 1970s by Hasbro, the corporate toy and games giant. Jenga was for a while the ...


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