Table-top Games

Table-top Games

We have a unique range of table-top games from classics like Bagatelle and Crokinole to smaller dexterity games like pick-up sticks and shoot-the-moon. You'll find some table-top pub games and don't forget to look at our board games and card games pages too!


Primary Table-top Games


WeyKick Kubbolino

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Smaller Table-Top Games


Tyrolean Roulette

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Brain Master

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Table-Top Pub Games



Buy Mah Jong. Unique range of quality Mah Jong sets

Excellent range of quality Mah Jong sets including bamboo & bone sets Mah Jong sets in exquisite boxes. Swift delivery and service to match.

Domino sets - unique range of double 6, 9, 12 and 15 dominoes

Wonderful range of dominoes - ideal for gifts. High quality double six dominoes, Mexican Train dominoes, imperial dominoes and larger domino sets

Roulette Sets, Roulette wheels, Chips, Rakes and Mats

A range of quality Roulette Equipment for the home and for events. Roulette wheels, chips, rakes, table-top layout mats and roulette sets.

Interesting dice games - Crown Anchor, Shut the Box, Giant Dice

Large range of interesting dice games including quality dice compendia, shut the box, crown and anchor, Liar's Dice and our fantastic giant dice

Buy Bagatelle games. Unique range of pin Bagatelles

Largest selection of quality wooden Pin Bagatelle games and also accessories for the old English folding Bagatelles boards

Buy Sjoelbak, Dutch shuffleboard

A range of Sjoelbak (Sjoelen, Dutch shuffleboard) games. Hand made Sjoelbak boards and other quality Dutch Shuffleboard games.

Crokinole boards & Crokinole accessories

Genuine full-size Crokinole boards from Canada and also the smaller boards from Jaques. Buy high quality Crokinole / Pichnotte boards and accessories.

Uber Carrom Boards - tournament spec boards from India

Quality Uber Carrom boards and accessories. Buy genuine tournament-spec Carom boards imported from India.

Puff Billiards (Billard Nicolas) - fun table game

Puff Billiards (Billard Nicolas). Excellent quality game with rubber puffers on metal stands. Great fun game for friends, family and parties!

Buy Cards & Playing Card Equipment. Huge range, great prices

Quality playing cards, card tables and other card games equipment/accessories. Kem, COPAG, Poker, Cribbage, Blackjack, Bridge, Canasta sets, too.

Buy Bingo Sets | Bingo Game Sets for Home & Events

Buy Bingo game sets for the home, parties & clubs. A good range of quality Bingo sets including everything you need to make your Bingo night a big success.

Modern Strategy Games | Modern Board Games

A range of excellent modern strategy board games that are perfect for bring family and friends together. Great fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Puzzle Games | Aesthetic quality range of Puzzles

A fantastic range of puzzle games to entertain and frustrate in equal measure. All are made to a high standard and represent great value.

Weykick Games - magnetic table football and hockey

A great selection of Weykick games. Renowned, fantastically fun games manufactured in Germany. Includes magnetised Football and Hockey games.

Ker-Plunk & Ball Drop Games

Children's classic dexterity game - pull out straws without causing the marbles to fall. Ker-Plunk & Cannonball Drop, a giant ball drop game

Tiddlywinks / Tiddley Winks / Tiddledywinks / Tiddly Winks

Tiddlywinks - flip your winks into the pot using your tiddler! Tiddley winks - classic fun children's game of great skill. Quality Tiddly Winks

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette

Tyrolean Roulette - Spinning Top Roulette, this is an interesting game of chance for the family, 23 x 23cm approx.

Four In A Row - Connect 4 - Captain's Mistress Game

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games. Including The Captain's Mistress and Jaques Score 4.

Carcassonne | Tile game | Buy Carcassonne Expansions

Starter Carcassonne sets and the most popular add-on sets for Carcassonne - the popular medieval tile game. Next day delivery. Excellent service

Maze & Labyrinth Games (including Toptafel)

A range of giant and standard climbing maze, labyrinth and toptafel games involving moving balls/tops through a maze of holes to score points.

Pick-up Stick Games / Mikado / Jack Straws

Mikado - range of engrossing pick-up stick games of skill and dexterity. Giant Pick-up Sticks & Jack Straws. Swift dispatch, excellent service

Tile games | Mah Jong | Dominoes | Carcassonne | Dice Games

Range of quality Mah Jong sets, a variety of Domino sets including Mexican Train Dominoes, dice and other tile games

Jenga, Table Tumble Towers, Topple Tower

A great range of Table Top Tumble Tower games, including the original Jenga and high quality variations and contemporary alternatives.

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles. Unique range. Great prices

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Quality Shove Ha'penny Boards. Best range and prices

A variety of quality Shove Ha'penny boards made from Slate, Mahogany or Oak. Also inexpensive boards for play at home and spare half penny coins

Table Bowls - 2 inch set. 4 pairs with jack and hardwood chute

Bringing you a pub game that is played seriously in parts of Northern England and Australia, this is also the opportunity for Snooker and Pool players to try something new and fun. The game is played just like bowls on a lawn except each wood is carefully...


We've been looking for a nice version of this game for some time as it's such a traditional favourite. From House of Marbles a great game of fun and skill for all the family. An all-time playground favourite, it's a simple dexterity game based on the anci...

Shoot The Moon (Planets Marble Game)

Try and manoeuvre the metal balls past all the planets and score 5000 points by reaching Pluto. A brilliant way to train motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination. The gravity-defying game of skill and dexterity is a new take on an old game and is sur...

WeyKick Kubbolino

An excellent table top version the great garden game, Kubb. In true Viking style, all the defenders must be knocked over with the help of a catapult. Only then the king can be attacked. Place the ball on the see-saw type launcher. Push down on the ...

Batik Classic

A simple to learn but difficult to master game that attracts players of all ages. The apparently simple concept is innovative and the spellbinding sight of the falling pieces attracts children and adults alike. The Batik board is a vertical, transparen...


The classic football game is back! Subbuteo is one of the world's most iconic sports games and after 15 years off the shelves this legendary game is back. Fans of all ages will love the new re-energised Subbuteo range with greatly improved detail. N...

Jaques 3D Score 4

A 3 dimensional version of the classic Four in a Row game, the objective is to get four pieces in a row to connect. Four pieces diagonally, vertically or horizontally wins the game. Jaques' 3D version of this family favourite features an original natur...

Table-top Climbing Maze

A great dexterity game, Climbing Maze involves carefully moving a ball up the side of a wall full of holes, trying to avoid the holes in order to reach the destination. The ball lies within the aesthetic wooden block which in turn is suspended from two...

Mini Skittle Alley

Now you can play 10 pin bowling in your own home! All the fun of bowling only on a much smaller scale. The Mini Skittle Alley is great fun for all ages. Line up the aiming chute and push the marble down the alley. The objective is to knock down as many...


Shuffle Puck is played in a similar way to Air Hockey. Two players each have a paddle and they try to hit the puck into the opposition's net. It is great fun for all ages and is guaranteed to bring out everyone's competitive streak. The Shuffle Puck...

Metal Knucklebones set

A game I remember playing when I was younger, in the school playground. The game is played by holding all five stones in the palm of your hand then tossing them into the air, you need to see how many you can catch on the back of your hand as they come dow...


The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game. Rollet is a four player fast rolling ricochet game. The aim of the game is to roll steel balls down your chute so as to knock the wooden ball into your opponents’ goal. Rollet demands a good eye, timing, and teamwork...

Magnetic Fishing Game

A favourite with children since the late 1800s, this classic game involves "fishing" in the pond using magnetic rods. Each fish is worth a number of points and the objective is simple- to try and get the highest score. This traditionally presented vers...

WeyKick Minigolf

With WeyKick Minigolf, you can play the family friendly game indoors, in even more of a miniature form. Use the provided miniature club to put the ball n the holes with as few attempts as possible. Includes 1 golf club, 2 balls, 1 scoring pad. Fo...


Finger Flicking Fun for Nearly Everyone! Pucket is a frantic dexterity game. Players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side (the “gate”). Any pucks that arrive ...

Fishing Game

A fantastic version of the classic magnetic fishing game in colourful wood. Small fishermen can decide if they want to use a fishing rod or harpoon their prey! The tops of the fishing rods are removable and the rods then become fishing harpoons which ...

Jaques 3D Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and crosses (also known as Tic Tac Toe) is a simple children's game. This is a great looking 3D version of it in a giant form that will be great for events and parties indoors or outdoors. This superb two-player game is handmade from solid wood...

The Frog Game

Rana or 'The Frog Game' is the classic game that can be seen in bars and town squares across Spain, France and South America (where is is often known as Sapo). Related to the lesser known Sussex game of Toad in the Hole, the Frog game is a more ornate ...

Blow Football

This a vintage-style version of the popular family favourite Blow Football. The game contains: * 2 goals (plus goalies!) * 2 balls * 6 straws * Instructions

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

This game is thought to have been originally a Western European game - it's still played in France and Benelux where it's known as Table à Toupie and Toptafel, respectively. Nowadays, however, it seems to be more popular in North America where it's usuall...


The World's No. 1 Bridge Building Strategy Game. Battle your opponent to cross the board: blocking building and counter-blocking in an attempt to bridge the gap and win the game. Bridget is an intense game of strategy and skill for children and adul...

Brain Master - Wooden version

Brain Master is based on the classic game of strategy and deduction, Mastermind, invented in the seventies. This great family game for 2 players has been a family favourite for decades. One player sets a hidden combination of colours and the other pla...


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