Liar's Dice

Said to have been passed down by the ancient Incas, Liar's dice is a game of bluffing and chance. Each player attempts to outbid, out bluff and outlast their opponent by issuing bids or challenges.

Liar's Dice

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Liar's Dice comes with four shakers and four sets of five dice. It is presented in a great decorative wooden box which looks exactly like an enormous die!

The game is a bit like a a dice version of Poker - but the bluffing aspect is even more fundamental; hence the name liar's dice. Each player rolls the dice and then they have to make a claim as what hand they have e.g. 'three fours' or 'a high straight (2-3-4-5-6). The next player can then either call their bluff by asserting that they lied or else roll the dice and make a claim for a better hand for themselves. Liars who are found out have to contribute a counter to the pot.

And so it goes on with many an accusation and much finger pointing. Really skilful people learn to pull an annoyingly condescending look of innocence which tempts the others to accuse them of lying just to stop them being so irritating!

Eventually this leads either to a winner or to fisticuffs but either way great fun will be had by all.

2-4 players. Ages 8 and up. Dimensions: approx 13cm cube (5 inches cube).

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Liar's Dice




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