Crokinole Boards & Crokinole accessories

Crokinole Boards & Crokinole accessories

Crokinole is a Canadian game invented in the 1870s and it's a fantastic game whether played seriously or just for fun. Points are scored by flicking disks as near to the central hole as possible. The added twist that makes Crokinole so engrossing is that your disk must move the disk last flicked by your opponent. We have the only full-size, full-specification Crokinole boards in the UK.

Note from James Masters, owner of Masters Traditional Games: Crokinole is one of my favourite table games and my Crokinole board is often brought out after dinner to play with friends. Importing these full-size, high quality Crokinole boards with their beautifully smooth playing surface from Canada is quite an undertaking but certainly worth it. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do.

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Americans and Canadians argue over the descent of Crokinole. The balance of the argument though is that the game originated in Canada. The oldest American Crokinole board has a patent number dated 1880 although the patent looks somewhat dubious as the official record hasn't been found... By contrast the oldest claimed Crokinole board is held by the Joseph Schneider Haus Museum in Ontario and which is dated 1876.

Full-size Traditional Octagonal Crokinole board

Masters Traditional style Crokinole Board (Octagonal with disks)

Full-size octagonal Crokinole board from Canada. Traditional shaped board with fine playing surface from an established Crokinole craftsman

Jaques 70cm Crokinole

Jaques Crokinole board is not full-size, it measures 70cm x 70cm & is a Crokinole board for children

Crokinole Stand (for Round or Octagonal Crokinole board)

Crokinole Stand (for Round or Octagonal Crokinole board)

A solid pine and stand cut to fit our Canadian round and octagonal crokinole boards. The perfect accompaniment to our Crokinole boards.

Masters Crokinole Board | Round style Crokinole with 24 disks)

Masters Crokinole Board (round style with 24 disks)

Full-size, round Crokinole board imported from Canada. Up to World Championship Standard. Lovely looking board with superb gameplay.


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