Classic Octagonal Crokinole


Premier Octagonal Crokinole Board

Crokinole Octagonal

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Crokinole Octagonal

Crokinole Octagonal

Crokinole Octagonal

At Masters Traditional Games, we specialise in quality games and our Octagonal Crokinole boards exemplify this in every way. 

Imported from Canada, the Octagonal board, pictured above is a classic example of a beautiful, hand-made, traditional-style Crokinole board. Made as closely as possible to the early Canadian heritage crokinole boards. The playing surface has five to seven coats of finish and is buffed to perfection. A real showpiece with great playing performance.

Playing surface is Russian Baltic Birch, Backer and ditch are from Canadian Pine. Pegs are covered with 2mm high-reflex rubber. Pieces and rules included. Diameter 31inches outside, 26 inches playing surface (79cm & 66cm surface). Please note that the colour of the pieces varies and we cannot say which colours will be included with your board.

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Traditional style Octagonal Crokinole Board (with 24 disks)
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For our American and Canadian customers, the Octagonal and World Championship boards are sent from a dispatch point in Canada and shipping is included.


Care of your Crokinole Board

Try to keep food and drink away from your crokinole games. Sticky fingers from food is the number one problem with the smooth running of the disks. In hot climates, sweaty fingers can also be an issue.

We recommend that you buff the Crokinole board every so often with a good wax. In Europe, Renaissance Wax is a good brand but any wax high in carnauba should work well.

It's a good idea to polish the game pieces as well - they're usually dirtier than the board surface because they come into direct contact with people's hands.










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