Carrom Boards

Carrom Boards

Carrom originated in India hundreds of years ago and Carrom today is amongst the world's favourite indoor games. The game goes by many names and you may know it as carrum, carum, karam, karom, karum, and Indian (or Nepalese) finger billiards.

Carrom is easy to understand, fun to play and suitable for all ages.


Uber Games Carrom

This is a great version of the classic Asian disk-flicking game. The Carrom set includes: * Mango Board with Rosewood detail * 4mm thick Mango Carrom plywood * Wooden Carrom Counters * Acrylic Striker Coin * Powder * Rules Booklet Separately,...

Powder for Carrom and other disk sliding table games (100g bottle)

This powder, made from Potato starch, is targeted at the market for Carrom games. Our Shuffle Puck game will also be improved with the use of some powder. It should be equally useful for slate Shove Ha'penny boards although most wooden Shove Ha'pen...

Uber Championship Carrom Board

The Championship Carrom Set is of the finest quality; this set is fit for even the highest level. This is a championship level Carrom Set which features Rosewood edges for the best rebound; this is one of the key aspects of a Carrom Board. This set ...

Uber Games Tournament Carrom

This is a tournament size version of the classic Asian disk-flicking game. The tournament Carrom board includes: * Mango Board with Rosewood details * Fixings for Carrom Stand (sold separately) * 3 inch wide hardwood sides for better rebound * 12mm...

Carrom Stand

This is a portable stand for use with either the Uber Games Carrom board or the Uber Games Tournament Carrom board. It is constructed from powder-coated aluminium and conveniently folds down for easy transportation. Shown to the left is the Uber Games ...

Set of Carrom pieces (including striker)

A set of traditional carrom pieces - wooden draughts style playing pieces. A carrom striker is also included. Set consists of 11 pieces of each colour, the red queen, a spare red queen and the striker.

Garden Games Carrom Board

This is a great value, good quality Carrom Board from Garden Games. The board is made from Mango wood and comes with all the necessary equipment to play Includes: * Mango wood Carrom board * Wooden Carrom Counters * Plastic Striker piece * Powde...

History of Carrom

You can learn more about the history of Carrom from the Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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