Card Tables

Card Tables

It isn't easy to obtain card tables these days. We have located two suppliers - first there is the Jaques Eclipse card table. This has a long lineage but is a basic table with a felt top. For a better quality card table, our Cherrywood and Mahogany card tables have a sturdier build and nicer finish with a felt playing surface.

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Card Tables


Card Mats / Cloth

Some playing card mats. Please note that the Dal Negro mats are made from baize - a surface with a nicer feel that should last much longer than lower quality felt materials.


Dal Negro Baize table top mat for Playing Cards (1.5m square)

This is a high quality, green, baize playing card mat from Dal Negro. The quality of the playing surface is 70% wool - a baize material which is superior to felt. Baize should last longer and won't come up in 'bobbles' after a short period of time. ...

Green Baize Bridge Cloth with red and green stripe border

A stylish Bridge cloth made from green baize with a patterned ribbon edging. 35 inches square. Ostensibly designed for Bridge but will, of course be suitable for any card game. Note: Two different bridge cloths are illustrated here - the outside c...

Large folding Card table / Bridge table

This is a large, quality Birch wood, Mahogany finished, green felt-topped playing card table (bridge table) with legs that fold up completely flat for easy storage. The bridge table legs are in the corners so four people can sit comfortably 'round the ...

A Brief History of Card Games

Since the invention of playing cards by the Chinese, many centuries ago and the introduction of European style playing cards a few centuries later, tens of thousands of card games have been invented and played. The majority of card games have become extinct over time but it would still take a lifetime to learn all the card games still played today.

The most popular card games in the 21st century are are probably Blackjack, Bridge, Rummy, Poker and Cribbage. Two hundred years ago, the only game that would still feature on such a list would be Cribbage - other games on the historical list would include Whist, Euchre and Pinochle.

You can learn more about the history of card games from the Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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