Sprung pin - special nail for Bagatelle

Sprung pin - special nail for Bagatelle

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On most Parlour Bagatelle games, the first pin that the ball hits (on the top left hand side) is extra bouncey. This pin is made of specially hardened steel and is called the "sprung pin".

Sprung pins are not terribly easy to obtain and so are rather expensive but it's often this pin that disappears so we have tried to assist by making them available for anyone wishing to repair/refurbish their old Bagatelle game. These pins are almost 3cm each and so you might need to cut them down to size before bashing them into your board.

The sprung pins are made specifically for our hand-made Ash Bagatelle game. We cannot guarantee that they will work with every bagatelle game but they should work with most Bagatelles of a similar size, we believe.

Made in Britain

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Pair of sprung pins for bagatelle (each approx 3cm)



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