Jaques Home Table Skittles

Jaques Home Table Skittles

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Table Skittles, also known as Indoor Skittles or Bar Skittles is one of the most popular indoor pub games. This is a smaller 2 foot version of the game that is suitable for home use but it is still pretty robust so is sometimes used in quieter pubs with more limited space.

Just like full alley skittles, each player has three attempts to knock down the skittles but in this space-saving version of the skittles genre, the ball is swung around a pole toppling the skittles upon its return.

Jaques Home Table Skittles is made from Mahogany with a Lignum Vitae heavyweight ball. The table skittles plinth is adjusted before play so that the ball is the correct distance from the skittles. The table skittles pole dismantles and pole and base pack flat into a box.

Skittles can be stored under the cribbage scoreboard. Each Jaques Home Table Skittles game is supplied with rules and plastic scoring pegs.

The dimensions of the Jaques Home Table Skittles are approximately 61 x 35cm (24 x 14 inches) with a pole that is 70cm (28 inches) high.

Approx. Dimensions:

61x36cm with 71cm pole
24 x 14 inches with 28 inch pole


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