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We specialise in all forms of skittles and especially the genuine Pub game. We have all styles of skittle pins and balls to suit the different skittle regions in England as well as some interesting skittle games from overseas and fantastic skittles sets for the home and garden.

Classic Nine Pin Skittles


Skittle Games from outside Britain


From 24.49

Several versions of this traditional Skittles game from Finland


From 19.49

Brilliant Swedish game - cross between skittles and tennis

Tournament of Knights


A game similar to Kubb but better for children


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A traditional Finnish skittles game.




An old European game now mainly made and played in the USA


Nine Pin Skittles - balls & skittle pins for pubs and leagues

Largest range of traditional nine pin pub skittles and balls. All sizes and styles of pub skittles at sensible prices swiftly dispatched

Range of Garden Skittles games

Skittles Pack - with Balls, Rules and Canvas Bag

Fantastic range of Garden Skittles. A variety of Nine pin skittles plus traditional skittles games from other countries

Table Skittles - Bar Skittles. Unique range. Great prices

Jaques League Table Skittles (bar skittles)

Range of high quality hand-made Table Skittles for pubs and coinnosseurs & smaller Bar Skittles for the home and family. Spare parts also available

Indoor Skittles & Toy Skittle Games

Jaques Royal Guards Skittles set

Fantistic fun skittle games for indoors and the home. Quality children's toy skittles games like ''knock the soldiers down'.

Molkky Game | Smite | Scattles | Number Skittles Games

Jaques Scattles

Molkky games, Smite & Scattles to buy. Traditional skittles game from Finland, now popular all over the world. Throw sticks at the numbered skittle pins.

Buy Kubb Games | Swedish Kubb Skittles Sets

Kubb Family -  Birchwood

A great range of Kubb games. Kubb is a fun traditional skittles game from Sweden. Inexpensive basic Kubb games through to Pro Kubb sets.

Tournament of Knights game

Tournament of Knights game

Tournament of Knights is another great outdoor game from Sweden where it is known as Riddarspelet - in the same family of games as the more famous Kubb. A unique game of skill, Tournament of Knights is ideal for garden parties or just fun in the park. ...



Kyykka is a centuries old outdoor game from Finland that can be played in teams or individually. The object of the game is to obtain points by throwing a large wooden bat to knock your opponents' skittles out of the playing area in as few throws as possib...

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

Toptafel (incl. skittles, tops, rules & scorecards)

This game is thought to have been originally a Western European game - it's still played in France and Benelux where it's known as Table Toupie and Toptafel, respectively. Nowadays, however, it seems to be more popular in North America where it's usuall...

The Origin of Skittles

Skittles, or Nine Pins, as played in an alley has always been a popular pub game and is the ancestor of related games including ten-pin bowling and various indoor skittles variations. The origins of the game are uncertain but in Germany, in the 3rd or 4th century, monks played a game with a kegel which was a club carried for self defence. In the game, the kegel skittle represented a sin or temptation and the monks would throw stones at it until they knocked it over. The modern German term for skittles is Kegelen. There are also two 14th century manuscripts that show a game called Kayles and depict throwers about to launch a long club-like object at eight pins and a kingpin.

The typical form of Skittles is wherein balls are thrown or rolled from one end of an alley in an effort to knock down nine pins at the other end. Over the years, Skittles developed regional variations in the size of equipment, the rules and so forth. In the East Midlands, people play Long Alley in which the projectiles are rough balls or small capsule shaped logs called "cheeses" and a score is only made if the cheeses bounce a single time just in front of the pins. Old English Skittles or London Skittles, as played at the famous Freemasons Arms in Hampstead, is a majestic game in which enormous discus-shaped cheeses are flung so that they hit the skittles directly without touching the floor first.

From these old games, various miniaturised versions appeared which were more convenient for many pubs with limited space. These include Northamptonshire Skittles and the extremely popular Table Skittles or Devil Amongst The Tailors.

The most popular version of skittles, however, is West Country Skittles wherein 9 skittles are arranged in a square at the end of an alley that might be 24 feet, sometimes much longer. Each turn starts with all the skittles standing and consists of three balls being rolled down the alley. If all the pins are knocked down, then they are reset. So the maximum score in one turn is 27.

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