Ringing the Bull

Ringing the Bull

Ringing the BullRinging the Bull
Ringing the BullRinging the Bull
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Masters Games is proud to bring you what we believe is the first and only commercially available version of Ringing the Bull ever produced.

Ringing the Bull, a traditional game which probably goes back to the middle ages, can still be found in the occasional pub right across England. A version of it is also played around the Caribbean where it is known as 'Bimini Ring'. Originally, the game was played with a real bull's head for a target - our version is slightly less realistic but is still a highly diverting pastime.

The idea couldn't be simpler - you swing a ring on a string across the room at a hook embedded in the wall. It's harder than it looks but practice makes perfect and the ring makes a decidedly satisfying 'clunk' when you manage to hit the target. Players take turns and the person with the most 'ringers' wins - or maybe the person with the least buys the drinks...

For pubs, it's a good talking point and locals can take the game quite seriously - you could organise the occasional competition. For people at home, it is a superb ice-breaker at parties and no-one can walk past without having a quick swing.

Our new improved version of the game looks great and is the solid, well-made product that you would expect from Masters Traditional Games.

  • Oak faced
  • Solid brass ring
  • Brass plated hook
  • Comes with Rules, string, a revolving clip fitting for the ceiling and 2 screws to fit the board.
  • String and ring clip onto ceiling so can be removed when not in use.

IMPORTANT: The target wall needs around twelve feet of clear space in front of it; the ceiling needs to be around eight or nine feet high although a support could be hung from higher ceilings.

You will need to fix 2 screws to the wall and an eyelet into the ceiling.

Please check the diagram to see how the game should be set up.

Made in Britain

Approx. Dimensions:

28 x 36cm
11x14.2 inch

You can learn more about the history of Ringing the Bull from the Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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