Cribbage Boards

Cribbage Boards

For many centuries, Cribbage was the only card game that could legally be played for money in English pubs. The Cribbage scoreboard which is often used to score other traditional games such as Table Skittles or dominoes appears to have been in existence long before the invention of Cribbage itself and bears a remarkable similarity to certain game boards used in Ancient Egypt...

Masters Traditional Games puts some effort into obtaining Cribbage boards that are excellent quality or just a bit special or unusual. We know it's easy to buy cheap and nasty Crib boards all over the place - so our range aims to be a bit different.



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Jaques Cribbage Cabinet (with 2 packs of cards)

This cabinet cribbage set is made from Jaques and features a hinged playing board in which the coloured scoring pegs and cards can be neatly stored. The board is made from solid Oak, comes with two sets of cards, plastic scoring pegs and a set of rules...

Sheesham & Boxwood Cribbage board box

This is a nicely finished Cribbage box for 2 or 3 players. Made from Sheesham wood with inlaid Boxwood scoring panels, it features wooden pegs and comes with 2 packs of quality playing cards that can be stored inside the game. Makes a fantastic gift f...

Wooden folding Cribbage set

We've chosen this cribbage set because it's a good solid basic board that conveniently folds to store the pegs and cards. The board is nicely made from contrasting strips of light and dark wood. Comes with the pegs and a deck of cards. Folded size in c...

Large Hand Made Oak Cribbage Board

This is a big chunky Cribbage board, hand-made in Oak to our commission. The pegs are brass and are stored in holes at the end of the board that are secured with a retaining bar that swivels into place to prevent them falling out. This cribbage board i...

No. 29 Cribbage board (with 3 tracks)

This is a simple yet robust three track cribbage board with plastic pegs. The cribbage board is well sanded, smooth and varnished with four pads on base. Why 29? Well, 29 is the maximum score achievable in one hand when playing 4 card cribbage.....

Large Hand Made American Cherry Cribbage Board

This is a chunky Cribbage board, hand-made in England to our commission. The pegs are brass and are stored in holes at the end of the board that are secured with a retaining bar that swivels into place to prevent them falling out. This board is sizeabl...

Knob & Heel Cribbage

This Crib board is made by Front Porch Classics and is a cleverly designed item that neatly folds into a solid wooden block when not in use. When unfolded, there is a full cribbage board attached to a storage container for a pack of cards and the cribbage...

American Walnut Club Cribbage Board

This is quite a large Cribbage board, made in America. The pegs are brass and chrome and are stored in a special compartment at the end of the board, underneath, secured by a sliding panel.

Jaques Three Player Wooden Cribbage Board

This is a nicely made three player wooden cribbage board made by Jaques of London. It is a 121 hole board which is not suitable for 5 Card Cribbage but is often preferred by Cribbage Leagues for the more common game of 6 Card Cribbage. The crib boar...

The History of Cribbage

The invention of Cribbage, Crib for short, was attributed to the poet Sir John Suckling (1609 - 1642) by his biographer, John Aubrey. Suckling was something of a scoundrel by all accounts. He was an expert at cards, dice and bowls as well as being a womaniser and notorious wit on top of his poetry day-job! His most notorious feat was began when he distributed large numbers of packs of marked cards to the aristocratic populace around England. He then followed up this preparation by going around the country playing the local gentry at Cribbage for money, managing to earn himself around 20,000 (about 4 million in today's money).

There's no hard evidence to show that Suckling was the inventor of Cribbage and it seems to be suspiciously similar to an earlier game played in Tudor times called Noddy, the rules for which aren't entirely clear.

A standard Cribbage board is a lesson in functional simplicity. Each player moves a pair of pegs up the outside and down the inside of their side of the board. The front peg shows the current score while the rear peg shows the previous score - a device that efficiently prevents mistakes and allows opponents to curtail any surreptious cheating. The holes are clearly divided into sets of five, a fact that allows large scores to be tallied immediately without counting and means that a quick glance is all that is needed to determine who is winning and by how much. A complete trip up and down the cribbage board is 60 holes but each end has a finishing hole into which the winning peg is placed. Thus, games scored using a Cribbage board are usually first to 61, 121 or 181.

You can learn more about the History of Cribbage from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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