Bar Billiards
Mushrooms & Skittles

Bar Billiards is a game played with small skittles, the purpose of which is to provide a hazard - players must avoid toppling them while building a score. The problem with skittles is that they are thin and so can easily fall into the holes and get lost or stuck. Additionally, in most variations of the game, the holes are blocked when only one ball is left on the table and it is convenient if a mushroom can be popped into a hole to achieve this.

Therefore, Bar Billiards skittles are designed to have a something wide near the top to prevent them falling all the way into a hole. Two solutions have emerged - skittles with a piece of wire stuck through their top half and mushroom shaped skittles. Some people prefer the wired skittles as they look more like a skittle whereas other people argue that the round topped mushroom skittles fill the holes in a more aesthetically pleasing way. There is no please all the people all the time...

The mushrooms are available in 2 configurations of colours. They have a domed top and a flat underside and are made from painted wood. Some people play Bar Billiards with only 3 skittles - in which case a set of four skittles should give you what you need plus you have a spare!


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Set Bar Billiards skittles (2 white, 1 black)



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Set Bar Billiards mushrooms (3 red, 1 black, flat underside style)




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Set Bar Billiards mushrooms (2 white, 1 red, 1 black, flat underside style)




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