Twister & Get Knotted

Twister & Get Knotted

Twister is the classic floor game. Each turn, the idea is to spin the wheel and move a hand or foot to the coloured spots indicated. After a while, each player's limbs inevitably get tangled up with themselves and other players leading to a riotous situation every time. Eventually the contortions are too much and players fall over and are out - last one left on the mat wins!

Produced by Hasbro, the corporate games giant, Twister is is often perceived as just a children's game but it's great fun in lots of other situations such as an ice-breaker game at a social gathering or at the office party! Get Knotted is a similar game but even larger - a giant version with some additional rules for extra fun.




The party favourite guaranteed to entertain and amuse children and adults alike. Twister is the game that will tie you up in knots. Spin the Spinner and make your move, placing the correct part of your body on one of the coloured circle demanded by the...

Get Knotted

Here's the old party favourite in a giant size that will produce whole troops of entangled people. Just throw the two inflatable dice to determine where to move your arms and legs. The more the game goes on the more twisting and contorting happens. Tr...

Twister Carpet

This is a high quality carpet version of Twister, the classic floor game in which players gradually get more and more tangled in their own and each other's limbs until they can't move any more... This version of Twister is a much longer-lasting and hig...


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