Rounders Equipment

Rounders Equipment

Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game. Ideal for summer picnics, and very popular with schools, we have Rounders sets and Rounders balls, bats and posts. Rounders equipment for the full game or for just playing in the park or on the beach.

Rounders Sets

Uber Standard Rounders Set


Good value set with nice wooden posts, rubber mats, bat and ball in a convenient carry bag

Garden Games Rounders Set


Great value simple rounders set with 4 wooden posts, an ash Rounders bat and a Rounders ball in carry bag

Jaques Rounders Set


Jaques Rounders set with bat, ball and 4 posts in a zipped carry bag

Uber Club Rounders Set


Comprehensive Rounders set with 4 safety plastic posts with bases, 4 bats and 2 balls


Rounders Components & Rounders Equipment


Jaques Rounders set in case

Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game. From Jaques, this is a complete rounders set. Ideal for summer picnics, it comes in a zipped green case and features a willow bat, a ball, 4 hardwood posts and rules. Dimensions of the case...

Uber Standard Rounders Set

Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game! Uber's standard Rounders set comes with everything necessary to play this classic English game; A wooden Rounders bat, A rounders Ball, 4 wooden Rounders Posts as well as two mats to mark t...

Uber Club Rounders Set

Rounders is the original traditional bat, ball and bases game. The Uber Rounders Set is great value and comes complete with 4 Ash Rounders bats to enable each striker to continue running with the bat rather than throw it to the next person. The 4 weig...

Uber Club Rounders Posts & Bases

The four weighty rubber bases hold the full-height plastic posts in position to mark out the pitch. The 2 rubber mats mark the position of the bowler and current batter. The Club Rounders posts and bases are supplied in a in a nylon storage bag for eas...

Garden Games Rounders Set

The Garden Games Rounders Set is a full-spec rounders set that includes a wooden bat, 4 wooden rounders posts and a rounders ball. It is the perfect set for taking on holiday or onto the beach or with friends at the park or on a picnic. The rounders...

The History of Rounders

The game of Rounders is indeed an old sport. Most texts quote that the earliest documentary evidence for the game is from 1744 when the game was referred to as Base-ball. This is a reference from what is probably the first ever book written for children, 'The Little Pretty Pocket Book' by John Newbery published in Massachusetts. But the earliest reference to Rounders found by this author is in in the English Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine of 1787 which mentions rounders as a children's game - so the term was in use by that time. The first known rules for the game of rounders were published in the "Boys Own Book" published in London in 1829.

The game, or something very like it may have been played several centuries prior to all this. There is an engraving in the Bodleian Library dated 1344 which depicts a woman about to throw (apparently underarm) a ball towards a chap wielding a large club which is thinner at the handle end and is not disimilar to a modern rounders bat. The description of the engraving does not mention any posts or bases so whether the game just involved hitting or whether running was also involved isn't known but if the game is the ancestor of any modern game, Rounders seems to be the most likely candidate.

In 1889 the Liverpool and Scottish Rounders Association was formed. The first official rules did away with the practice of putting a running batter out by hitting them with a thrown ball. The National Rounders Association was formed in 1943 and is still active today working particularly with schools promoting and encouragine play. These days, at competition level, Rounders tends to be played more by girls than boys.

To learn more about the history of Rounders, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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