Molkky is a Finnish skittles game that is easy to learn and great fun for the back garden, parties and fun in the park. The main twist is that you score the number of pins that you knock down but usually you try to topple only one pin in which case you score the number on that pin...







12 dark stained pins and a stick presented in a sturdy cardboard box

10 pins in cardboard box with weatherproof carry bag

12 pins and stick in a wooden crate


Jaques Scattles

From Jaques, the venerable games company, this is a variation of skittles that is based on the Finnish game of Mölkky. They call it Scattles! Scattles requires a throwing stick instead of balls, which ironically is how skittles was played 500 years ago...

Molkky in wooden crate

Molkky is a skittles game of Finnish origin featured smart numbered skittles which are knocked down by throwing sticks at them. The rules are simple and the winner is the first player to knock down 50 points worth of pins with the Molkky throwing stick. ...

Smite 2015 - Weatherproof Bag

Smite is a game of Cornish invention based on the Finnish game of Mölkky. Smite has a unique and interesting appeal due to the unusual rules. The key point is that if you knock over 2 or more pins, then your score is the number of pins toppled but if ...


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