Lawn Darts

Lawn Darts

Garden DartsGarden Darts
Garden DartsGarden Darts
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  • A great game for the back garden and parties
  • Includes 6 quality garden darts with a strong plastic body and weighted metal tips
  • Targets are 2 plastic concentric hoops
  • Instructions included
  • Supplied in convenient box with handle for easy storage and transportation

This is the archetypal Lawn Darts game - strong plastic bodied darts with metal tips, weighted to fly nicely across a garden and land point down into the turf.

The targets are two plastic concentric hoops. The flights are designed with a grip end so that they are easily thrown. The manufacturer has provided a nice set of rules that allow you to play 3 different games with the darts - Target Darts, Killer Darts and Bowls Darts.

A great fun game that is increasingly popular for the back garden - a good idea for parties too.

Note that Lawn Darts can be dangerous if not used sensibly. Care should be taken to position the playing area where people are not likely to walk and to ensure spectators stand well back.

We regret we cannot send this product to North America because we have been advised that it is illegal to sell garden darts within the USA and Canada.

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Approximate Dimensions

Garden Darts

Box: 43 x 32.8 x 11.5cm. Dart 31cm long.

Box: 16.9x12.9x4.5 inch. Dart 12.2 inch long.

Eng/Wales ETA: 3 working days

Prod.Ref: 00072K



22.91 (ex.VAT)

Bundle of 5 sets of Garden / Lawn Darts
Price includes delivery for Eng/Wales/Lowlands.

Eng/Wales ETA: 2 working days

Prod.Ref: 00H22R


97.42 (ex.VAT)

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