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  • A traditional favourite from Finland dating back Centuries
  • The aim is to knock your opponents skittles down by throwing a large wooden bat
  • Can be played competitively or just for fun
  • Each set comes complete with 2 bats and 12 skittles
  • Presented in a lovely wooden crate with carry handle

Kyykka is a centuries old outdoor game from Finland that can be played in teams or individually. The object of the game is to obtain points by throwing a large wooden bat to knock your opponents' skittles out of the playing area in as few throws as possible.

Also known as Finnish skittles or Karelian skittles, kyykka is a centuries old game of Karelian origin that is popular in summer fairs and festivals all over Finland. It is played competitively with national and regional tournaments for teams and invidivual mens and womens categories. During the winter, indoor Kyykka competitions are also organised. International tournaments are staged with the primary competing countries Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Belarus and Germany.

Some terms used in the game of Kykka follow:

  • Crone - a skittle inside or on the front line of the playing square - 2 pts .
  • Priest a skittle on the back or sideline of the playing square - 1 pt.
  • Intruder - a skittle that has moved into the front of the playing square - 2 pts
  • Kona a line of skittles on the front line, formed by towers of skittle pairs.

Unofficially, a Pike (fish) is the term for a throw that completely misses all the skittles and a Tower is a pair of skittles one on top of the other.

Each Kyykka set comes with 2 bats and 12 skittles and is presented in a convenient and sturdy wooden crate.

This game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof. Warranty is void if game is exposed to damp or rain.

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