Bowls Equipment

Bowls Equipment

No need to spend time searching for the best Bowls equipment. Masters Games sources from the oldest and most reputable companies in the trade - in this case, mainly from Drakes Pride, the leading Bowls brand for many decades.


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The Origin of Bowls

Bowls historians often assert that bowls developed from the Egyptians although this is a somewhat dubious theory, we believe. What is fairly certain is that the oldest English Bowls green is in Southampton where records show that the green has been in operation since 1299 although there are other unproven claims of greens being in use before that time.

King Henry VIII was a lawn bowler but he did attempt to prevent the general populace from enjoying the game too - forbidding anyone to "play at any bowle or bowles in open space out of his own garden or orchard". In 1845, the ban was lifted, and people were again allowed to play bowls and other games of skill.

Nowadays, Bowls is a very popular world sport. Lawn Bowls and Indoor Bowls are recognised International sports with organising bodies at all levels. Crown Green Bowls is not quite as big but is still a major pastime for thousands of people around many parts of the North of England and other areas of the British Isles. There are two modern indoor versions of bowls too - Shortmat Bowls and Carpet Bowls. These are up and coming and there are signs that other countries outside of Britain are taking up these new sports. Finally, Table Bowls appears to have turned up in the 19th century around the Carlisle area. A niche sport, but it has spread as far afield as Australia and New Zealand...

You can learn more about the Bowls from from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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