Boule / Petanque Sets

Boule / Petanque Sets

Boule is the French game that was probably originally played with cannonballs by soldiers and sailors whiling away their free time. It's a great game that is traditionally played on specially prepared grit surfaces but in fact works fine in all sorts of places - including the beach, gardens, parks and any sandy or gritted area.


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Jaques 6 Boule set in canvas bag

This set of 6 Jaques metal boules and jack, is presented in a strong canvas bag. Another name for Boule is Petanque. Petanque is popular in pubs with various leagues across the country.

Jaques 8 Boule set in canvas bag

This is a Boule set from renowned manufacturer Jaques. Featuring a set of polished alloy Boules that are tough enough to withstand even the most aggressive play. The set is supplied in an attractive hard wearing canvas carry bag that allows for simple ...

Jaques 6 Boule / Petanque set in metal case

This set from Jaques contains 6 metal boules and a jack and is presented in a smart, heavy duty metal case. In England, Boules is known as Petanque and is popular as a pub sport in areas such as Essex.

Jaques 8 Boule set in metal case

This Jaques set of 8 boules and a jack, is presented in a smart metal case. In the UK, Boules is often known as Petanque and is popular as a pub game in certain regions.

Soft Petanque Set

A soft ball version of the classic game. This soft Petanque set is ideal for children and serves as a fun introduction to the sport. The soft and squidgy nature of the Boules means that you can take the Boule game indoors when the weather lets you down...

Petanque set - 8 boules with nylon carry case

A set of 8 chrome boules in a sturdy black nylon carry case with handle. Included in the set is also a jack and a measuring cord. This is a great value set that is also very portable due to the convenient size of the nylon bag. The bag also makes a...

Garden Games set of 8 Boule in metal case

This Boule set from Garden Games comprises 8 polished alloy boules with a jack supplied in a sturdy metal carrying case. Also known as Petanque, Boules is a French game that has been adopted by the British and is often played seriously in pubs. This...

Petanque set - 6 boules with wooden case

A set of 6 Chromed boules in an attractive, robust wooden case with carry handle. The wooden case makes a nice alternative to the more common aluminium style. This set includes 3 silver boules and 3 black boules. Great for identifying whose boule is...

Petanque set - 8 boules in wooden case

A 8 Boule set in an attractive and sturdy wooden box with carry handle. The wooden box makes a nice alternative to the more common aluminum ones. As well as the 8 Chrome balls, a jack, a set of rules and a measuring cord are also included.


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