Monopoly was originally invented by the American Elizabeth Magie in 1903 under the name 'The Landlord's Game'. Ironically, the original game was designed to expose the greed and unfairness of the property business - not promote it! The game evolved over time through a number of versions including a variant based on Atlantic City that was copied by a man called Charles Darrow. Darrow eventually sold this version that he called 'Monopoly' to Parker Brothers - later to become part of Hasbro, the corporate giant. The rest is history.

Monopoly has gone from being a fairly popular board game to being one of the all-time biggest brands in the world. Monopoly is continually relaunched in different forms to take advantage of current trends. Additionally, Hasbro have licenced the brand to other companies and just within Britain there are dozens of localised city & county editions.




This standard Monopoly is the updated version of the original classic set.

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