Classic Modern Games

Classic Modern Games

Masters Games founding principle was to specialise in games that have proved themselves by standing the test of time. A lot of the games we sell have been in existence for hundreds of years but we wouldn't want to ignore the many games from more recent decades that have already proven their worth.

On this page you will find lots of popular branded family favourites, together with a selection of modern games picked because they have made a significant impact and we feel deserve the label, 'modern classic'.

Scrabble Range

From 8.49

Range of Scrabble and accessories, tending towards the quality side.



Monopoly - guaranteed to bring out the ruthless streak in the most innocuous of people...

Cluedo - Retro Edition


Retro edition of the classic detective game

Twister - Retro Edition


Retro edition of the party favourite


Risk - Retro Edition


Risk, the global domination game. Nice retro edition.


From 13.99

Carcassonne - medieval tile laying game. Leading game in its genre with multiple expansions.

Catan (2015 Refresh)

From 17.99

Modern classic multiplayer game that has won countless awards

Modern Strategy Games

Strategic games that are aesthetic and easy to learn but will require deep thinking to win.


Mexican Train Dominoes

The version of dominoes made famous by celebrities and played all over the Americas and Europe



The classic finger flicking football game is back & better than ever.

Four in a Row Games

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games including a range of Giant versions of the game.

Ker-Plunk & Ball Drop Games

Pull out straws without making the marbles fall. Ker-Plunk and Cannonball Drop, a giant version of the game


Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels Board Game

From 35.99

Outrage! You have been challenged to steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London.

Brain Master


Wooden version of the popular "Mastermind" game.

Twister & Get Knotted

Twister is the floor game in which players get tangled, often hilariously. Brilliant ice-breaker at parties...

Giant Tower, Jenga, Tumble Tower

We have probably the best range of Jenga and premium Giant Tower games available



Giant Tower games. Jenga, Giant Tumble & Mega Hi Tower

Mega Hi Tower with canvas storage bag

A large range of Giant Tower and Jenga games. Mega Hi Tower games for the garden and events Also Tumble tower and the original smaller Jenga game.

Twister & Get Knotted. Classic twister party game

Get Knotted

Twister, the classic floor game - the basic game and a high quality carpet version. Also Get Knotted, a giant version of a similar game.

Four In A Row - Connect 4 - Captain's Mistress Game

The Captain's Mistress

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games. Including The Captain's Mistress and Jaques Score 4.

Scrabble. Accessories & deluxe Scrabble, excellent prices

Scrabble - Prestige Edition

Range of unusual Scrabble games and Scrabble accessories. e.g. Scrabble Deluxe, Scrabble Prestige, wooden tile Scrabble, Turntables, luxury tile racks

Monopoly, the classic property trading board game

The modern classic board game, Monopoly. Now branded into hundreds of variants and localised versions. Monopoly - guaranteed to cause family tantrums!

Ker-Plunk & Ball Drop Games

Wooden Gold Fever Game

Children's classic dexterity game - pull out straws without causing the marbles to fall. Ker-Plunk & Cannonball Drop, a giant ball drop game

Carcassonne | Tile game | Buy Carcassonne Expansions


Starter Carcassonne sets and the most popular add-on sets for Carcassonne - the popular medieval tile game. Next day delivery. Excellent service

Modern Strategy Games | Modern Board Games

Pylos Classic

A range of excellent modern strategy board games that are perfect for bring family and friends together. Great fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Domino sets - unique range of double 6, 9, 12 and 15 dominoes

Front Porch Classics Boneyard Dominoes

Wonderful range of dominoes - ideal for gifts. High quality double six dominoes, Mexican Train dominoes, imperial dominoes and larger domino sets

Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels Board Game

Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels board game

A great board game for the family to enjoy! Try and steal the crown jewels from the Tower of London. Outrage! is brilliant fun and looks great.

Catan (2015 Refresh) | Settler's of Catan

Catan (2015 Refresh)

Settler's of Catan is a hugely popular board game that's won countless awards. Players assume the roles of settlers and compete to conquer Catan.

Twister - Retro Edition

Twister - Retro Edition

Twister - the game that ties you in knots - retro style! A lovingly designed Twister game based on the original version first released in the mid-1960s. So take a step back in time, shake off your shoes, spread out your polka dot Twister mat, grab a...

Cluedo - Retro Edition

Cluedo - Retro Edition

Who done it? With what weapon? In which decade? Cluedo, the classic detective game has been a family favourite since it's introduction in 1949. Each game provides a fascinating new mystery of foul play to test your ability as a sleuth. This retro co...

Brain Master - Wooden version

Brain Master - Wooden version

Brain Master is based on the classic game of strategy and deduction, Mastermind, invented in the seventies. This great family game for 2 players has been a family favourite for decades. One player sets a hidden combination of colours and the other pla...



The classic football game is back! Subbuteo is one of the world's most iconic sports games and after 15 years off the shelves this legendary game is back. Fans of all ages will love the new re-energised Subbuteo range with greatly improved detail. N...

Risk - Retro Edition

Risk - Retro Edition

Risk is the classic game of global domination. Pick yourself an army and try to conquer the world. This retro collectible packaging has the classic game-play that you know and love but with vintage components based on the 1968 edition; real wooden armi...


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