Four Rank Mancala (Bao, Hus, Omweso)

Four Rank Mancala (Bao, Hus, Omweso)

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  • Four rank Mancala game presented in a lovely folding wooden board
  • Classic East African version of Mancala known as Bao
  • Surprisingly complex game - ranks alongside Go and Chess
  • Simple to learn but surprisingly deep game play

A four rank Mancala game presented in a lovely folding wooden board.

There are hundreds of different versions of Mancala played throughout Africa and Asia but the 4 rank games are generally accepted as the most complex and interesting of all these variants. Mainly played in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi) where it is known by the generic name of Bao, the 4 rank game is played internationally and some players rise to become called Grandmasters in the same way as highly ranked Chess players do. In Uganda, they play a similar game known as Omweso and this board can be used for that game, too.

Players take turns to take the seeds from a pit and then drop them one by one in a clockwise direction but only on their side of the board. There are lots of variations in the rules on capturing but it usually involves a seed being played to an empty inner pit on the player's side capturing the seeds in the adjacent opposing inner pit. Captured seeds are then played on to the player's side. A player wins when the opponent cannot play or has no seeds left on their inner row of pits.

The game is relatively simple to learn but rather like most of the best games can be require deep thought when played well. This game comprises a a hardwood gameboard with colourful stones for pieces and rules.

Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Four Rank Mancala (Hus, Omweso, Bao)

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