Dice Games

Dice Games

Here at Masters Traditional Games, we have a wide variety of interesting games played with a die or dice. From old traditional favourites through to our fantastic giant dice section, we have the dice game to suit any requirement.



Dice Box Compendium

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Shut the Box - variety of interesting Shut the Box games

A range of shut the box games - inexpensive versions for the home through to larger versions designed for public use.

Giant Dice. Oversize inflatable, foam and wooden dice.

A range of Giant Dice suitable for large and giant board games. Inflatable dice, foam dice and large wooden dice.

Playing Card Tables & Mats

A range of quality Card Tables. Also table-top mats made from baize / felt for playing various card games

Double Leather Dice Cup Set with 10 dice, bag and games book

A pair of solid high quality dice shakers covered in real oak-tanned leather with a deep mahogany buffed finish. Also featuring padded calfskin leather bottoms. Heavy duty construction with 10 Tuxedo Dice Set packed in burgundy velveteen draw-string ...

Set of 3 Long Dice

Long Dice (also known as four sided dice or quaternary lots) are an ancient form of dice that were once popular in Asia for games like Pachisi. Our Long Dice are made from a hard wood and measure approximately 5 x 1.5 cm. They have 6 and 1 on opposi...

Westnedge Gaming compendium in presentation box

A nice gift compendium set from David Westnedge featuring * 100 gaming chips with different denominations and shapes (but no currency). * Poker dice * 5 ordinary dice * two packs of broadsize quality playing cards with super-indices Chips are pre...

Set of 7 cowrie shell (for use as binary dice)

Before 6 sided dice were invented people used to use binary dice - that is they used to throw a bunch of objects that could fall one of two ways. All kinds of objects have been used for binary dice through the centuries including split sticks, coins (hea...

Poker Dice in wooden box

Classic Poker dice in a charming wooden box with a sliding lid. Poker dice are great fun for adults and children - not to be taken as seriously as the real game. Simply throw the 5 poker dice three times, each time putting aside any dice you want to k...

Metal Knucklebones set

A game I remember playing when I was younger, in the school playground. The game is played by holding all five stones in the palm of your hand then tossing them into the air, you need to see how many you can catch on the back of your hand as they come dow...

Front Porch Classics Liar's Dice

Said to have been passed down by the ancient Incas, Liar's dice is a game of bluffing and chance. Each player attempts to outbid, out bluff and outlast their opponent by issuing bids or challenges. Liar's Dice comes with four shakers and four sets of f...

Poker Dice in Wooden Barrel Shaker

5 poker dice in a wooden barrel container that doubles as a shaker. A nice looking, novelty dice container and shaker from Dal Negro. The wooden barrel stands at approx. 10cm tall with a diameter of 8.5cm

Shipmate's Dice Games

This set from House of Marbles includes everything you need to play a host of popular dice games. Set includes: * Variety of dice * Mat for Crown and Anchor game * Wooden Shut the Box * Dice shaker * Book of dice games Not suitable for chil...

Precision Dice

A Set of 5 Precision Dice from Dal Negro. 5 red dice with clear white markings supplied in a smart black box. Precision dice are manufactured with equally weighted on each side to ensure as much randomness as possible each time they are rolled.

Pair of Wooden Dice Shakers

A nice looking pair of wooden dice shakers that each include five wooden dice. The shaker is decorated with brass inlaid dice and anchors and the spots on the dice are all individual brass dots.

Popular Dice Games Compendium

The Popular Dice Games set includes everything you need for a fun game evening with friends and family. The set contains rules for 27 dice games and all other necessary material, such as normal dice, poker dice, counting chips and scoring pad.

Crown and Anchor game

Crown and Anchor is a fun gambling dice game that used to be played by sailors. The game comprises a mat with 6 different symbols (crown, anchor, diamond, spade, club & heart) and three dice with corresponding symbols on their faces. Traditionally...


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