Strategy & Logic games for schools

Strategy & Logic games for schools

Excellent games that will entice children to enhance their logic and reasoning skills.








Fun strategy game with varying levels of difficulty. Great tool for learning about geometry.


Deluxe version of the superb puzzle game. Featuring a solid wooden construction and durable pieces.


A great game of strategy and skill for two players.


We have a range of beautiful wooden Mancala/ Oware games from Africa. Best for schools would be the pencil starter set, which comes with authentic Bonduc seeds as the playing pieces.


Out of stock.







A great memory strengthening game for young children to play.


Abstract strategy game for 2-4 players. Easy to learn with relatively quick games.


Complex 4 in a row game in which you decide which piece your opponent lays down.


Multi award winning unique strategy game that plays and looks great.






From 23.99


Engrossing strategy game for 2-4 players - Complex 5 in a row game.


Intriguing maze style strategy game - objective is simple but there is lots of depth and complexity.


A starter economy set for schools. This Mini Go Set comprises a 9 by 9 board for a simpler game, together with a 13 by 13 board for more confident players.


We have basic Staunton designed chess sets, together with more unusual three player chess, Chinese chess (Xiang Qi) and giant chess.







We have a range of draught boards and pieces, including Giant Draughts.


Wooden version of the popular "Mastermind" game.


An abstract board game of good strategic interest.


Mancala & Oware games. Superb African Oware boards & tables

Large range of genuine African Mancala games that make superb gifts. Including Oware games for children and more serious Oware tables from Ghana.

Quality Chess Sets and equipment | Unusual Chess sets

Quality Chess sets and equipment - historical replica and ornamental Chess, Shogi, Xiang Qi, Jaques, unusual 3 player and 10 x 10 Chess sets

Buy Draughts / Checkers. Chequerboards and pieces

A variety of Draughts / Checkers games. We have both 8 x 8 and 10 x 10 Chequerboards and accompanying quality Draughts pieces.

Reversi - Good Range of High Quality Reversi Games

Reversi is an abstract strategy board game invented during the Victorian era. It has remained popular for more than a century.

Quixo Classic

Quixo is a relatively simple yet most engrossing game. The rules may be quick to learn but the game is difficult to master. The aim is to line up 5 cubes displaying your chosen symbol in a row. You are only able to move your cube by pushing the line of...

Mini Go set (9x9 and 13x13 boards with plastic stones in box)

This is a starter game that comes in a flat box. Although it has plastic Go stones, it should suit schools or other groups looking for an inexpensive way to start the game.

5 Mini Go sets bundle (9x9 - 13x13 boards, plastic stones, no box)

A bundled deal for schools and clubs. Unboxed starter Go sets with 9x9 and 13x13 boards and plastic Go stones.

Mini Go set (9x9 and 13x13 boards with glass Go stones in box)

This is a starter game that comes in a flat box. An inexpensive Go set but still featuring glass Go stones.

Quarto Classic

The rules of Quarto are easy to understand: line up 4 pieces that share one characteristic - height, colour, shape or hollowness. The challenge of the game is that you choose the pieces that your opponent plays on the board... Quarto! is possibly the m...

Giant Pelmanism (Pairs, Memory Game)

These lovely wooden cards with colourful animal pictures on can be a great memory-strengthening game for children. Place all the cards face down in a uniform grid or square and then take turns in turning over two 'cards' at a time. The aim of the game ...

Katamino Classic

Katamino is a excellent puzzle game that can entertain, amuse and frustrate in equal measure. It is great fun for all ages and provides a good workout for your brain. Players try to make rectangles, known as 'Penta' of varying size. They can begin wit...

Quoridor Classic

Quoridor is a maze game which really meets the criteria for a classic because it's so easy to learn that even quite young children can have a go and yet it quickly becomes clear that you'll need to think pretty hard, if you're going to win. Quoridor re...

Pylos Classic

Pylos is a unusual and aesthetically beautiful strategy game and is the deserved winner of several Game of the Year awards around the world. Two players start with 15 wooden marbles each and take turns to construct a pyramid with simple rules allowing...

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon is an abstract board game of with good strategic interest - the rules are easy to learn but the game is engrossing and suitable for both chlidren and adults. Agon is also a game of historical note, being the oldest known board game played on a he...

Gyges Classic

Gyges is a engrossing strategy game that will certainly get you thinking. The rules are relatively straight forward but it is by no means a simplistic game. In fact it is truly unique, innovative and very clever. The objective is simple - to escape the...

Katamino Deluxe

Katamino is a superb puzzle and a challenging game. Players try to make rectangles, known as 'Penta' of varying size. They can begin with just 3 pieces or use 4, 5, 6 right up to using all 12. The more pieces they use, the harder the puzzle is making Kata...

Brain Master - Wooden version

Brain Master is based on the classic game of strategy and deduction, Mastermind, invented in the seventies. This great family game for 2 players has been a family favourite for decades. One player sets a hidden combination of colours and the other pla...


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