Games for the disabled & wheelchairs

Games for the disabled & wheelchairs

Although we have many of the games on this page, it is intended that it is a general guide to games for the disabled and wheelchair bound.

There is an inspiring list of sports that paralympians compete in at the bottom of this page. Secondly, of course, we have a massive range of traditional Dice, Card, Board and Table Games that are suitable for most categories of disabilities.

Thirdly, we have picked out some games and equipment that are especially ideal for people with disabilities and wheelchairs.


Games for the Visually Impaired / Partially sighted

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Scrabble with large print tiles

Giant Dominoes are great fun anyway but also ideal for the visually impaired

Take a look at all of our great range of giant games including giant playing cards

Large, wooden modern Chess table. Large Chessmen are great if you struggle to see ordinary sized pieces.


Dexterity Games suitable for Wheelchairs & other disabilities

Bowling Arms in 4 sizes, balls lifters and a special lawn walking stick are designed ostensibly for lawn bowlers but can be used for many other games including boule, quoits and skittles.

Shuffleboard is a great game of skill played by people with wheelchairs and physical difficulties.

We have mechanical bowling arms, special lifters to grab the bowls off a lawn and a bowlers walking stick with a large base to prevent damaging the green

Like bowls but no need to bend down, boules can be thrown from a wheelchair or while leaning on a stick. See our bowls lifter and bowls walking stick for assistance.


Table Tennis is an official paralympic sport and certain table tennis tables are specifically designed to allow wheelchairs to get close to the table

Anyone who can throw can play rope quoits and there is also the Welsh / English indoor pub quoits game for those wanting to get more serious

A skilful pub game that is often played competitively is Shove Ha'penny. Disabled and able-bodied play on a level playing field (literally!)

With assistance in retrieving the darts, disabled people and people in wheelchairs can come to master darts



Skittles are difficult for disabled people but skittles games that involve throwing a stick such as classic Swedish Kubb can be OK. Someone will need to be around to put the skittles up in the field of play though.

Finnish Molkky is another skittles game where sticks are thrown. Skittles games only work for disabled people if at least one person can set the skittles up.

Like Molkky, Kyykka is another skittles game where sticks are thrown. Skittles games only work for disabled people if at least one person can set the skittles up.

If getting down to play skittles on the floor is too much hassle, then Bar Skittles is the ideal alternative. Played on a table, it's a pub game of great skill



Paralympic Sports

Here are a few of the inspiring list of sports included in the Paralympic Games that are played by people with wheelchairs, other mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. We've picked out sports that don't require special equipment beyond a wheelchair to get started...


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