Jaques Giant Pick Up Sticks

Jaques Giant Pick Up Sticks

Jaques Giant Pick Up SticksJaques Giant Pick Up Sticks
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Jaques' Giant Pick Up Sticks includes a full set of 36" oversized pick up sticks, complete with a handy cotton drawstring bag.

Take turns to remove a stick from the pile - but delicately does it or you'll pay a forfeit...

Remove sticks by pressing down on the tapered end of a stick, or flicking it out with your helper stick. Only the stick you are attempting to remove can move or your turn is up.

Remove a stick for a point - remove the golden stick for 3 points - the player with the most points at the end of a game (once all the sticks are removed) is the winner!

This game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof (warranty may be void if game is exposed to damp or rain).

Approx. Dimensions:

90cm long
3 feet long


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