Giant Games

Giant Games

Masters Games has the widest selection of quality Giant Games, all at sensible prices. We send them all over the world and make a point of providing robust giant games suitable for schools and public areas - as well as giant games for the back garden.

Our giant games will help you make your party, wedding or corporate event massive!



Giant Chess and Draughts. Huge range, great prices

Most comprehensive range of Giant Chess and Draughts. Large Chess sets for the home and robust Giant Chess and Checkers for events and public areas.

Giant Tower games. Jenga, Giant Tumble & Mega Hi Tower

A large range of Giant Tower and Jenga games. Mega Hi Tower games for the garden and events Also Tumble tower and the original smaller Jenga game.

Giant Connect 4 - Range of Mega Connect 4 games

Giant Connect 4 & Mega 4 in a Line games. Giant Connect 4 swift dispatch. Mega Four in a Row range for parties, events, gardens. Giant Connect 4 best prices

Giant Noughts & Crosses | Giant Size fun for the garden

Buy Giant Noughts and Crosses games. Both Giant 2D versions of Noughts and Crosses and more interesting 3D Os and Xs games.

Giant Domino Games. A selection of quality giant dominoes sets

Variety of quality wooden Giant Dominoes sets from small and chunky to large and beautiful - from Masters Traditional Games Shop

Giant Dice | Oversize Inflatable Foam & Wooden Dice

A range of Giant Dice suitable for large and giant board games. Inflatable dice, foam dice and large wooden dice.

Pick-up Stick Games / Mikado / Jack Straws

Mikado - range of engrossing pick-up stick games of skill and dexterity. Giant Pick-up Sticks & Jack Straws. Swift dispatch, excellent service

Mega Climbing Maze Wall - freestanding

A great dexterity game, Climbing Maze involves carefully moving a ball up a wall that is a maze of holes The ball lies within the aesthetic wooden block which in turn is suspended from two strings hanging from the corners of the game. By gently tuggin...

Get Knotted

Here's the old party favourite in a giant size that will produce whole troops of entangled people. Just throw the two inflatable dice to determine where to move your arms and legs. The more the game goes on the more twisting and contorting happens. Tr...

Giant A4 Playing Cards

Here we have some wonderful A4 sized Giant Playing Cards. Maybe you need to use some cards for a demonstration or other public event. Maybe you want to recreate Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right (Higher!! .... Lower!! ...Freeze!!) Or maybe, like u...

Giant Fishing Game

A giant version of the ever-popular fishing game. Great fun for children to enjoy inside or out. Using the wooden fishing rods provided, players try to swing the hook to catch one of the loops attached to the fish. When you've hooked your fish, pull i...

Giant Draughts set (24 piece without board)

This outdoor version of draughts (Checkers) is a popular crowd draw and will bring a new dimension to any party or garden. Garden draughts is eye-catching but is also designed to be played. The draughtsmen are made from a very strong and durable PVC ma...

Giant Operating Table

Giant Operating Table consists of an authentic fibreglass male patient who is awaiting an operation. It is similar to the classic table-top game but in a giant form! The unfortunate patient has ten individual cavities, positioned all over his body. Each ...

Giant Buzzer (Buzzwire)

The Giant Buzzer provides electric entertainment for all ages and will get the atmosphere buzzing at any event, corporate team building day, fairground or family fun day! The Giant Buzzer (or Buzzwire, as it is sometimes known) can also provide a grea...

Uber Games Giant Draughts (without board)

The age old game in a giant format! Like Giant Chess, Giant Draughts are perfect for summer parties, BBQs, pub gardens and other outdoor events. Giant Draughts is suitable to be played by all ages; offering a fun experience for all involved. The...

Cannonball Drop

This is a giant version of the modern classic table top game in which you pull out the straws but try not to let the balls fall to the bottom! It's great fun from a quality manufacturer. The game is based on the design of a castle turret. Cannonballs a...

World Game - Memory Pairs Game

A fun and educational memory game for children to enjoy. Lay out all 15 wooden pieces face down. Players then turn over two squares and if they match keep them. If the squares do not match, the tiles get turned back over. Players must then remember whi...

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Great fun for the back garden or children's parties, here's the old game of Snakes and Ladders in a giant size. In this version - there are no counters - YOU jump from square to square, climb up the ladders and slide down the snakes!! The game comes wi...

High Striker

Step right up and test your strength on the High Striker! It's the classic fairground game guaranteed to sort the men from the boys. Using the provided mallet, players must hit the base of the tower as hard as they can to rise the metal puck up to the lar...

We are often asked to recommend Giant Games for particular events so here is a brief guide as to how some of our customers have used their giant games to good effect in the past.

Giant Games for Children

For children and any events that include children, all of the giant games work well except perhaps for the Giant Cards but we strongly advise you to opt for a mid-size Giant Tower as the larger ones are dangerous for smaller children when they fall. Although it seems like the Giant Chess may be a bit too 'serious' for a fun event, on the contrary it's often the one that children and adults head straight to first and is often played continuously.

Giant Snakes and Ladders, the Giant Memory Game and Giant Dominoes and great for younger children.

Giant Games for Grown-Up Events and Pubs

For adults events, the Giant Tower is the absolute classic - it never fails to generate a crowd all busy advising and coaxing the players on. Cannonball Drop is good too and the Get knotted is a great way to break the ice for more informal gatherings!

Pubs most commonly tend to go for Giant Tower games and Giant Four in a Row because these are eye-catching and good for that kind of environment.

For events where you want to really make an eye-opening impact as the guests arrive, the games at the top of your list should be the larger Giant Chess and the big Giant Four in a Row. They are big and look great.

Giant Games for Corporate Entertainment, Branding and Marketing

Due to it's eye-catching appeal, the larger Giant Chess is often used in Shopping malls and other public places by publicity and marketing companies to draw in the punters.

Promotional and Marketing companies often ask about branding the giant games. The Mega Hi Tower has bricks that are blank on both sides and these can be branded with stickers or with single-colour burning tool that needs to be specially made. The Giant Connect 4 game comes with stickers but these do not have to be used - companies can produce their own and brand the game up however they like. The disks can also be branded with stickers.

Giant Games for Fund Raising

The Giant Cards are best used at events where someone is can stand up in front of an audience and hold the cards up. There's the obvious Higher - Lower game but other games can be devised for the Giant Cards. School Fairs and other fund-raising events sometimes set up a stall that features someone playing the Higher - Lower game with Giant Cards - e.g. get it right 3 times and win a prize.

The Giant Dice can also be used for a fun stall at a fair.


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