Giant Connect 4 Games

Giant Connect 4 Games

Although companies have produced successful modern copies of 'Four in a Row' strategy games, such as MB Games' Connect 4, the truth is that it goes back in history at least a few centuries. The game was supposedly taken by Captain James Cook on his voyages and he became so engrossed with it during the long periods at sea that his crew gave it the name 'Captain's Mistress...

Players take turns to drop a disk down a chute, the aim being for a player to get four disks in a row, diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Four in a Row takes seconds to learn but is good fun and the giant Connect 4 games make a fantastic centrepiece for a party, wedding or any event.

'Up 4 It' - Connect a line of 4 pieces to win.


Our most popular Four in a Row game. Connect a line of 4 pieces to win.

Mega 4 in a Line


Robust Giant version of the game. Recommended for public areas.

Uber Deluxe Giant 4

From 163.90

Wooden Giant Four game, also available with wheels.

Big 4


Big 4 from Garden Games - wooden with thin plastic disks.


Jumbo 4 game


A mid-size version of Big 4, suitable for those of a slightly smaller size made from wood

Uber Giant 4

Out of stock

Mid-Size wooden framed Connect 4 game.

Table-Top Four in a Row & Connect 4 Games

Smaller versions of Four in a Row


Mega 4 in a Line & spares for Mega 4 in a Line by Feber

Mega 4 in a Line (blue frame with orange legs)

Mega 4 in a Line - the most robust giant 'four in a row' game. Spares for Mega 4 in a Line. Immediate dispatch from our own warehouse. Carriage included.

Four In A Row - Connect 4 - Captain's Mistress Game

The Captain's Mistress

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games. Including The Captain's Mistress and Jaques Score 4.

Uber Deluxe Giant 4 (without wheels)

Uber Deluxe Giant 4 (without wheels)

A Giant size version of traditional favourite, Connect 4. Uber Games' Deluxe Giant 4 features a wooden frame beautifully crafted from English Ash and Rosewood giving a high quality natural look. A full set of stylish red and black playing disks are inc...

Up For It - Giant 4 in a Row Connection game (including 42 disks)

Up For It - Giant 4 in a Row Connection game (including 42 disks)

The classic 4 in a row game in giant size. Connect a line of 4 pieces to win. 'Up For It' is strikingly colourful and instantly recognisable. The game is tough and hard-wearing - ideal for children, public events, fairs, weddings and corporate enterta...

Jumbo 4

Jumbo 4

The Jumbo 4 Game is a midi-size version of Big 4 by the same manufacturer. It is a well-made giant version of Four in a Row that is suitable for children who sometimes find reaching for the really Giant games a bit tricky. Jumbo 4 should also suit those ...

Big 4 (including 42 disks)

Big 4 (including 42 disks)

This is a slightly less robust but perhaps more grown-up looking version of the giant game. Made from wood painted green, Big 4 comes with 42 plastic disks and is packed in a strong cardboard box. Dimensions are 1.2 x 1.2 m and disks are 15cm diameter....

Uber Giant 4 (without wheels)

Uber Giant 4 (without wheels)

Uber Games' Giant 4 is a well made 'mid size' version of the traditional favourite, Connect 4. It stands at approximately 61cm high. The frame is beautifully crafted from English Ash and Mango woods giving a lovely natural look. It includes stylish red...


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