Giant Chess & Draughts

Giant Chess & Draughts

Our largest sets of giant Chess and Draughts pieces, with mats and boards to match. The King starts at about 2 feet (60cm) high and rises to 120cm with our Ultimate Premium Giant Chess Set! To compare the various sizes and styles of Giant & Mini Giant Chess sets, see our Giant Chess Comparison page.

A "larger than life" chess or draughts set will attract crowds and bring a new dimension to any recreation area or garden. Giant chess is eye-catching but is also designed to be played. The pieces, in each case, are made from a very strong and durable PVC material that is UV protected and completely waterproof.

Garden Giant chess is brilliant for garden parties or for two 'Grand Masters' who want to sit in the sun with a glass of wine and have the kids move the pieces for them whilst teaching them the game!



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Mini-Giant Chess & Draughts

These are not-quite-so-Giant but still much larger than a normal set. The Mini-Giant Chess King is about 1 foot high.







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The Origin of Giant Chess

Chess has come a long way since the invention of the 4 player game played with dice called Shaturanga. The elephants and boatmen are gone as are the dice that originally gave the game a random (and probably a gambling) element. Since it's introduction to Western Europe in the early 2nd millenia, people have been tinkering with the style and shape of the pieces and that continues to this day.

Although individuals had made large chess sets from stone, wood and marble in the past, it was the German manufacturer Rolly in the twentieth who first started to mass-produce the game in a giant form using sun-proof hollow plastic pieces. Other manufacturers such as Uber Games, Garden Games and Jaques have all attempted to produce their own versions of Giant Chess and the concept remains popular due to the visually impressive impact that any Giant Chess set induces.

You can learn more about the History of Chess from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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