Hoopla Game

Hoopla Game

Hoopla game set (12 large hoops. 6 Hoopla blocks & posts)Hoopla game set (12 large hoops. 6 Hoopla blocks & posts)
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  • Hoopla - classic fair game. Ring a prize to win the prize.
  • Prize can be tied to wooden post that is inserted into wooden block
  • Hoop is the right size so that it only just encircles wooden block
  • Blocks are made in Britain
  • Ideal for fairs - fetes - fundraising - schools - colleges

Hoopla or Hoop-la is a game we're sure you'll recognise from fair-grounds and school fetes. The object of the game is to throw a hoop over some kind of prize that's conveniently propped up on a small target pedestal or block.

How to Play Hoopla

As Hoopla is mainly played for fun there are various ways you can approach the game. It's up to you how many throws or hoops you let each person have and how strict you are with what constitutes a scoring hoop. For example some people say that the hoop has to not only go over the prize but clear all the corners of the block or pedestal too. Usually, with children playing, you'd want them to win so you may decide to be a bit more forgiving. Three hoops per turn is a typical number for a standard fairground stall but four or six hoops in the set will give them more chance - it's up to you.

Hoopla Sets

Hand-made in Britain, we have made available a Hoop-la starter set of 12 hoops and 6 bases but individual hoops, blocks and posts are also available to supplement the basic Hoopla set, if you wish.

Unlike other sets we've seen, our Hoop la set is designed with posts so that you have something to tie or prop up your prizes against. Without posts, the prizes move around and fall over and the game doesn't work so well...

The blocks and posts in the set are sent unassembled and will need a quick tap with a hammer to slot them home. Cuddly toys are not included.

This game is for play indoors and outdoors but it is not weatherproof or showerproof. Warranty is void if game is exposed to damp or rain.

Approximate Dimensions

Single Hoopla block and post (suitable for 25cm hoops)

Block- 190 x 142 x 30mm (432g) Post - 13.5cm (in block)

Block- 7.5x5.6x1.2 inch (15oz) Post - 5.3 inch (in block)

Set of 12 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (25cm diameter)

25cm diameter

9.8 inch diameter

Hoopla game set (12 large hoops. 6 Hoopla blocks & posts)

Eng/Wales: 2 working days

Prod.Ref: 001761


24.92 (ex.VAT)

Single Hoopla block and post (suitable for 25cm hoops)

Eng/Wales: 4 working days

Prod.Ref: 0017KW



5.41 (ex.VAT)

Set of 12 wooden Hoops for Hoopla (25cm diameter)

Eng/Wales: 4 working days

Prod.Ref: 0017K0



12.49 (ex.VAT)

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