Coconut Shy Equipment

Coconut Shy Equipment

The Coconut Shy or Coconut Shie has been a well known attraction at fairs, fetes and fairgrounds for decades, if not centuries. Masters Traditional Games is proud to bring you quality coconut shy balls and posts made to our exacting specifications.

A great game for the garden or for summer fairs and school fêtes, "Roll-up roll-up for the Coconut Shy!".

For more information and advice on running a Coconut Shy, please refer to our Coconut Shy rules



100 Coconut Shy Ball (Beech, approx. 2 inch diam)

Traditionally, coconut shy balls are light, wooden balls - only just heavy enough to knock a coconut out of a cup if thrown hard and accurately. Our standard coconut balls are 2 inches (5cm) diameter and made from Beech. They are perfect for their purp...

Set of 5 Coconut Shy Ball (Beech, approx. diam 70mm, 2&3/4 inch)

These coconut shy balls are 2.75 inches in diameter and made from Beechwood. Some may have knot marks or small imperfections in them but they are ideal for throwing at coconuts and in fact it seems a bit of a shame to batter them as they're quite aestheti...

Set of 5 coconut shy posts

We have had these Coconut shy posts manufactured from galvanised steel to our own design. The poles are 1m high, with a small ring at top of posts so that normal sized coconuts should be easy to knock off. They are galvanised so will not rust for many y...

History of the Coconut Shy

There are pictures and cartoons of fairs (fayres) from the 18th and 19th centuries depicting people throwing sticks at prizes balanced on top of poles and it seems likely that the coconut shy fairground attraction developed from this traditional pastime. Presumably not many prizes are robust enough to withstand being whacked with a stick and so the coconut simply turned out to be the most practical option.


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