Philos Roulette Set with 30cm Bakelite Wheel

Philos Roulette Set with 30cm Bakelite Wheel

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This product is discontinued but we have at least one imperfect version of it left in stock

  • Good quality home roulette set from Philos
  • 30cm Bakelite Roulette wheel - more substantial than for most home sets
  • 70cm roulette playing mat
  • Includes all necessary accessories

You may be interested in the slightly imperfect Philos Roulette Set with 30cm Bakelite Wheel currently in our warehouse at a reduced price of 26.00 (incl.VAT&carriage).

A good quality home Roulette set from renowned games manufacturer Philos.

The set includes a 30cm Bakelite wheel with a metal inner plate, featuring good spinning motion that is a cut above other roulette sets in this price range. Geneally speaking home roulette sets feature cheap plastic wheels - a bakelite wheel represents a heavier, more substantial and probably fairer piece of equipment which all adds to the ambience of the game.

Also included is a felt Roulette layout measuring 70 x 40cm and some playing chips.


  • 30cm Bakelite Roulette wheel
  • Felt Roulette layout
  • 2 x metal Roulette balls
  • 100 plastic chips
  • Chip storage rack

Approx. Dimensions:

30cm Wheel
11.8 inch Wheel


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