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Masters Games are proud to offer a fantastic range of products from renowned Spanish manufacturers Pico Pao. Known for their stylish incarnations of traditional games that have stood the test of time, and their innovative Ludus Ludi range featuring indefinable puzzles and contemporary takes on modern classics, they truly are a brand that offers something for everyone.

Take a look at the fantastic products on offer below and add some supreme style to your gaming entertainment.



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The History of Pico Pao

Pico Pao is a workshop that began its journey in a small Spanish village on the border with Portugal in the late 1970s. It takes its name from the much loved local woodpecker, known as "Pico Pao" which translates as "stick-beak."
Its beginning with the manufacturing of toys and games resulted from the resident's life of poverty. The six children that grew up in the house could not afford to buy the things most children take for granted so they learnt to use all the materials available to them to make their own games to increasingly high standards. As time went on the workshop grew and with it the demand for the hand crafted games.
Over the years the family's attention was drawn to old fashioned toys and games, of both European and African origin which they were determined to save from oblivion. Currently Pico Pao is in the process of re-founding the workshop, incorporating younger members of the family and focusing its activity on designing and perfecting original games.
Along with their range of traditional games they have incorporated a separate collection with a more experimental, abstract intention - Ludus Ludi. These games feature the stylish image synonymous with Pico Pao as well as a more contemporary approach to games and design.

The Royal Game of Ur. Ancient Sumerian Ur. The oldest board game

The Royal Game of Ur is credited as being the oldest board game in the world! Both these versions are manufactured to a high quality.

Senet - Ancient Egyptian game. Senet or Senat or Sen't

These Senet boards are based on the popular game found in Egyptian tombs. This ancient game is enjoyable for children and adults.

Pick Up Sticks / Mikado

Pick up sticks/ Mikado/ Spilikins/ Jackstraws is an old dexterity game. Remove a stick from the pile without disturbing the others.

Wooden Travel Chinese Checkers

A stylish wooden Travel Chinese Checkers set from Pico Pao. The board is manufactured to a high quality using African Paduak wood and folds along the middle allowing you to take the Chinese Checkers set with you on the move. The playing pieces are made...

Asalto - Seige game

Asalto is a member of a family of games of unequal sides, the most famous example of which is the medieval game of Fox and Geese. Asalto translates from Spanish into "Assault" and a military theme is typical of games of this ilk in general. Other si...

Moldura Double 6 Domino Set

This is a beautifully presented Double 6 Domino set from renowned Spanish manufacturer Pico Pao. The lovely storage box is beautifully designed and constructed from African Paduak Wood with a modern composition wood core for stability. The Dominoes...

Contemporary Four in a Row game

If you're fed up with the plastic look of other Connect 4 games, take a look at this designer Four in a Row game from Spanish manufacturers Pico Pao. The game features black and white rectangular playing pieces as opposed to the standard circular ones...

Ludus Ludi Deluxe Multi-timber Tumble Tower

A stylish and contemporary version of the classic Tumble Tower game. This beautiful set consists of 51 pieces, each cut from a different type of wood, with each one bearing an engraving of the tree from whence it came. This gives the tower its distinct an...

Go Set with curved wooden board

This fantastic Go set features a beautifully designed curved Go board, manufactured from Beech wood. It is a stylish alternative to the more common flat board. Each square is 14mm. The set also includes a full set of beech wood playing pieces and a set...

Game of the Goose - Bandeja Style

The Game of the Goose has the accolade of being the first commercial Board Game! It is a simple race game governed by the throw of a dice. It is great fun for all ages! This version of Game of the Goose bears a number of traditional hallmarks including...

Travel Mini Game of the Goose

The Game of the Goose is an historical board game that has been enjoyed by children and adults for centuries. Invented in Italy as early as 1500, Game of the Goose (Gioco dell'Oca) was has been a popular board games through several eras across the whol...

The Ladders Game - by Ludus Ludi

This is a truly inventive and imaginative product. Play on your own or with friends as you interlock the ladders in what ever way you desire. There are no set rules for The Ladders Game and it could be used simply as an interesting ornament. One sugges...


Surakarta, also know as Roundabouts, is an interesting abstract strategy game from Indonesia. The board has an unusual layout and gives rise to the game's unique method of capture which can only be achieved by a piece that first travels around one of the...

Wooden Travel Mini Backgammon

A very stylish travel mini Backgammon set, allowing you to take your favourite game on the move! The folding Backgammon board is manufactured to a high standard from African Paduak wood and features a convenient carry handle. It is also very light allo...

Large Hexagonal Chinese Checkers (Padauk wood)

A very stylish hexagonal Chinese Checkers board supplied with strikingly coloured wooden marbles. This is one of the biggest Chinese Checkers boards around which makes a nice spectacle as well as being easier to get at those marbles that are in amongst...

Maletin Backgammon set

A fantastic original design for a Backgammon Set from renowned Spanish manufacturer Pico Pao. The board is manufactured from African Paduak wood and the striking contemporary design will catch admiring glances where-ever it is carried. The Maletin Back...

The Frog Game

Rana or 'The Frog Game' is the classic game that can be seen in bars and town squares across Spain, France and South America (where is is often known as Sapo). Related to the lesser known Sussex game of Toad in the Hole, the Frog game is a more ornate ...

Reversi - Duo Style

This is a wonderfully designed Reversi Set crafted from dyed Beech wood. The distinctive design of the Reversi board is complimented by the two tone wooden marbles made from Paduak and Beech wood. When pieces are taken, simply rotate the ball in the ...

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon is an abstract board game of with good strategic interest - the rules are easy to learn but the game is engrossing and suitable for both chlidren and adults. Agon is also a game of historical note, being the oldest known board game played on a he...

Ludus Ludi Contemporary Double 6 Domino set

This is a truly original and very stylish Double 6 Domino Set. Presented in an elegant painted wooden case, these dominoes are constructed from Aluminium and their shape is curved. Guaranteed to draw admiring glances from other players and spectators, ...

Table-top Scoreboard

A lovely scoreboard with a wooden frame and a wooden stand from renowned Spanish manufacturer Pico Pao. This scoreboard can be used for any number of games and is small enough and light enough to be transported and stored away easily. The Scoreboard...


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