Drakes Pride Short Mat Jacks - Rubber-coated

Drakes Pride Short Mat Jacks - Rubber-coated

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  • Extra heavyweight Jack for Short Mat Bowls
  • Made from a metal core with a special rubber coating
  • Rubber coating gives a slightly different contact but will not chip so should last much longer
  • From Drakes Pride - still the leading supplier of quality bowling equipment in the World

These are Drakes Pride extra heavyweight Jacks for Short Mat Bowls. Drakes Pride are the longest established English bowls manufacturer and are still the leading supplier of quality bowling equipment in the World. Drakes Pride provide quality Short Mat Bowls Jacks that are manufactured to regulation specification or better.

This is an alternative to the ceramic coated Jacks. They are made with a heavy metal core and then covered in a rubber coating. These jacks will not suffer from chipping and so should last much longer than ceramic Jacks.

These Jacks have a noticeably different playing characteristic to the ceramic jacks - they have a greater inertia on the mat so that a bowl which knocks into them slowly can be stopped where a ceramic jack would have been knocked on slightly. Some leagues do not allow these rubber coated bowls because of the different way that they play but many clubs use them without problems and anyway, they make a good jack for friendlies and practice.

Made in Britain

Drakes Pride Short mat Jack (Yellow rubber coating, extra heavyweight approx. 890g)

Eng/Wales ETA: 5 working days

Prod.Ref: 00H606



24.99 (ex.VAT)

Set of 6 Drakes Pride Short mat Jacks (Yellow rubber coating, extra heavyweight, approx. 890g each)
Price includes delivery for Eng/Wales/Lowlands.

Eng/Wales ETA: 2 working days

Prod.Ref: 00H607



145.75 (ex.VAT)

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