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  • Interesting abstract strategy game originating in Indonesia
  • Eye catching colourful design ensures this board stands out as well as serving as an enjoyable game
  • Board is well crafted form Beech wood and includes beech wood playing pieces and a set of rules
  • The unusual layout of the board makes this a truly fascinating game for all ages
  • Easy to learn but reasonably deep and difficult to master

Surakarta, also know as Roundabouts, is an interesting abstract strategy game from Indonesia. The board has an unusual layout and gives rise to the game's unique method of capture which can only be achieved by a piece that first travels around one of the corner loops!

A colourful game, Surakarta is easy to learn but reasonably deep and is both fascinating and enjoyable for children and adults alike.

The game of Surakarta is named after the large town on the island of Java and in Indonesia it is called Permainan which translates simply as 'The Game'. Surakarta is also played across China and Korea and was first brought to Europe in 1870.

  • Board: Beech wood
  • Pieces: Beech wood
  • includes a set of rules

Approx. Dimensions:

Board - 310 x 310 x 10mm, weight - 409g
Board - 12.2x12.2x0.4 inch, weight - 14oz


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