Japanese Chess - Shogi

Japanese Chess - Shogi

Shogi is the Japanese version of Chess and some believe the most complex of all traditional Chess variants. The fundamental difference is that when pieces are captured they can be re-entered onto the board playing for the opposing side. This brings Japanese Chess a great advantage over other forms of chess in that draws are a mercifully rare event.



Due 01/07/2015

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Simple Shogi (Japanese Chess) set in a tube

This beginner set for Shogi / Japanese Chess comes with a 31.5 x 26 cm leatherette board, cream plastic pieces (Koma) and simple instruction leaflet. Compactly packaged in a cardboard tube, weight 358g

Shogi (Japanese Chess) set with folding board

This compact Shogi / Japanese Chess Set has a hinged wooden board 26 x 24 x 1.2 cm, with natural wooden Shogi tiles (Koma) with etched markings. It is stored in attractive white card boxes . Weight: 628g

Combined Magnetic Travel Go and Shogi set

A superb 2-in-1 travel set, combining the territorial game of Go with that of the adversarial game of Shogi or Japanese Chess. Small but durable. An excellent gift. 25 x 23cm 2-piece reversible plastic-coated metal board with 19x19 Go grid and Shogi o...

Agathis Shogi (Japanese Chess) set

This is a genuine Japanese product featuring an Agathis wood board with a hinged join. It comes with a set of cream plastic shogi tiles (koma) with black traditional Japanese markings and instructions in English. This game does not come in a box - it i...

Shogi Set with Table Board

This stylish Shogi / Japanese Chess Set has a compact wooden table 27 x 25 x 4.8 cm, including concealed tray storing natural wooden Shogi tiles (Koma) with etched markings. Comes in a black felt storage bag for protection. Weight: 1680g


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