Pachisi is the National Game of India. Although many western imitations of the game exist such as Ludo from England and the American Parcheesi, nothing compares with the original. Pachisi and the older and more complicated Chaupur (which can also be played with this board) are games of skill - suitable for both adults and children.

Sorry - this product is suspended. The craftsman who used to make it has retired and we have not yet found a replacement. Hopefully we will resurrect the product in the future but it might be years before this happens, regrettably.


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Masters Traditional Games has gone to considerable lengths to produce a beautiful inlaid board which features the correctly-shaped bee-hive pieces which are wonderfully aesthetic. You won't find this hand-made board anywhere else. The squares are Yew and MacassarPachisi cowry shells Ebony with an Ash surround and an Oak border. The pieces are made from matching natural wood and the bases are also protected with felt.

Accompanying the board are six real cowrie shells, the forerunner to dice that must be used to give the correct moves and authentic flavour to the game.

Optionally, sets of three "long dice" are also available. These dice are not made to the same high quality as the board but enthusiasts wishing play the game of Chaupar will require them. Historical game connoisseurs might find them useful for other games, too. They are numbered 1, 2, 5 & 6.

Boards are 36 x 36cm and come with the bee-hive pieces, cowries and a rules sheet. The game does NOT have a storage box. This product contains small parts that represent a choking hazard for small children. Not suitable for children under 5 years old.


Opening Uckers BoxDue to various requests, we have also made available special hand-made Oak wooden cases that the boards can slot into thus providing a storage box for the pieces that is convenient to carry around.

It is shown here with an Uckers board but any of the hand-made boards will slot into it.









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