Modern Strategy Games

Modern Strategy Games

At Masters Traditional Games, we love well designed strategy games. Our principle is to find games that are aesthetically pleasing and cleverly designed. The games in our portfolio will usually take a short time to learn and even younger children will be able to play many of them - but they can require deep thought for those who are so inclined. A great range of modern strategy games for strategy game enthusiasts and for bring family and friends together.


















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Carcassonne medieval tile game. Range of Carcassonne expansions

Starter Carcassonne sets and the most popular add-on sets for Carcassonne - the popular medieval tile game. Next day delivery. Excellent service

Four In A Row - Connect 4 - Captain's Mistress Game

A range of Connect 4 and Four In A Row table top games. Including The Captain's Mistress and Jaques Score 4.

Quixo Classic

Quixo is a relatively simple yet most engrossing game. The rules may be quick to learn but the game is difficult to master. The aim is to line up 5 cubes displaying your chosen symbol in a row. You are only able to move your cube by pushing the line of...

Outrage! Steal the Crown Jewels board game

The Challenge: You have been challenged to enter the Tower of London, steal one or more of the Crown Jewels and escape. This is no easy task. The Jewels are housed in the White Tower in the centre of the Fortress. The White Tower is surrounded by wall...

Batik Classic

A simple to learn but difficult to master game that attracts players of all ages. The apparently simple concept is innovative and the spellbinding sight of the falling pieces attracts children and adults alike. The Batik board is a vertical, transparen...

Quarto Classic

The rules of Quarto are easy to understand: line up 4 pieces that share one characteristic - height, colour, shape or hollowness. The challenge of the game is that you choose the pieces that your opponent plays on the board... Quarto! is possibly the m...


Gobblet is a fun strategy game that is relatively easy to learn but difficult to master . It plays like a grown up version of Tic Tac Toe - with added degrees of complexity as your memory and strategic planning are put to the test. The aim of the game ...

Katamino Classic

Katamino is a excellent puzzle game that can entertain, amuse and frustrate in equal measure. It is great fun for all ages and provides a good workout for your brain. Players try to make rectangles, known as 'Penta' of varying size. They can begin wit...

Quoridor Classic

Quoridor is a maze game which really meets the criteria for a classic because it's so easy to learn that even quite young children can have a go and yet it quickly becomes clear that you'll need to think pretty hard, if you're going to win. Quoridor re...

Pylos Classic

Pylos is a unusual and aesthetically beautiful strategy game and is the deserved winner of several Game of the Year awards around the world. Two players start with 15 wooden marbles each and take turns to construct a pyramid with simple rules allowing...

Gyges Classic

Gyges is a engrossing strategy game that will certainly get you thinking. The rules are relatively straight forward but it is by no means a simplistic game. In fact it is truly unique, innovative and very clever. The objective is simple - to escape the...


A great family game that finally answers the question of who will be named best salesperson at the bustling bazaar! Players take it in turns to roll the dice and move the salesperson figure (named Assam) round the bazaar. As the player moves he lays do...


The World's No. 1 Bridge Building Strategy Game. Battle your opponent to cross the board: blocking building and counter-blocking in an attempt to bridge the gap and win the game. Bridget is an intense game of strategy and skill for children and adul...

Katamino Deluxe

Katamino is a superb puzzle and a challenging game. Players try to make rectangles, known as 'Penta' of varying size. They can begin with just 3 pieces or use 4, 5, 6 right up to using all 12. The more pieces they use, the harder the puzzle is making Kata...


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