Clamshell & Slate Go Stones

Clamshell & Slate Go Stones

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Slate and Shell Go Stones - Jitsuyo 8.4mm

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  • Jitsuyo Go stones made from clamshell and slate - about as good as it gets for premium Go stones
  • Clamshell with a clear irregular grain
  • Weight and colour give a pleasant feel and the grain of the shell is highly aesthetically pleasing
  • Standard size for Japanese Go boards with black stones very slightly bigger than white
  • Stones come wrapped in robust and neat Japanese cardboard boxes

For people wishing to play with the genuine article and succumb to the full Go experience, only clamshell and slate stones will do. Their weight, colour, the pleasant feel and the grain of the shell are all highly aesthetically pleasing.

The black stones sold by us are made from Nachiguro slate minded in Wakayama prefecture. The white stones are made from the shells of Clams harvested near Lower California, Mexico. The thickness and grain pattern of the clamshell determines the price of the set but these aspects are purely subjective and a matter of personal preference.

Yuki stones are made from clamshell with a clear regular grain prized as the most superior of all the clamshell varieties by the Japanese. This is about as good as it gets for Go stones unless you want to spend thousands.

Go stones are the standard size for Japanese equipment - around 21.5 - 22mm diameter and convex on both sides. There should be approximately 180 stones of each colour in each set. All decent sets have slightly bigger black stones than white. Stones come wrapped in robust and neat Japanese cardboard boxes.

Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Approx. Dimensions:

8.4mm thick
0.3 inch thick

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