Replica Medieval Fox and Geese Game

Replica Medieval Fox and Geese Game

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  • Classic medieval game - simple rules but interesting game play ensues
  • Fascinating strategic game of unequal sides that can require deep thought
  • Great fun for kids while also helping them to learn about history and strategy
  • Hand-made in Britain by a craftsman specialising in leatherwork
  • Real leather roll-up board conveniently stores with the pieces in a cardboard tube

The earliest definite record of Fox and Geese is in the accounts of Edward IV in the fifteenth century. It is quite possible that it derives from the earlier Icelandic and Viking games of inequality such as Tafl or Hala-tafl that date from pre-10th century. Indeed Hala-tafl in Ancient Icelandic means "Fox Game".

Fox and Geese is a game of unequal sides in which the red fox tries to hop over the geese while the geese try to trap the fox by sheer weight of numbers so that he can't move. It's a game that is intriguing and which has stood the test of time admirably.

Our board is an authentic leather replica Fox and Geese game with hand-made wooden pieces. Evidence for the play of Fox and Geese has been found in ancient digs and boards have been found inscribed on old buildings and even as graffiti by monks in medieval Christian cloisters! These boards enable you to enjoy some history while playing a great game that was popular for many centuries and was considered until quite recent times to be a traditional English pub game.

Suitable for museums, schools, families - great for children, the board, pieces and rules come in a convenient cardboard tube so take up very little space when not in use.

Made in Britain

Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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Fox and Geese - replica medieval leather board with wooden pieces

Approx dimensions: Board 26cm square. Tube 28cm long



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