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For Draughts (known as Checkers in some parts of the world), we have made an effort to bring you good value quality standard draughts sets plus some International 10 x 10 draughts sets, too.

For those after a more fulfilling checkers experience, we recommend the continental 10 x 10 draughts game - there is greater scope and its the game that is usually played at international competition level.

Standard 8x8 Draughts / Checkerboards







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10x10 Draughts / Checkerboards



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Giant Draughts

Giant Draughts

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The Origins of Draughts

Draughts is an extremely old game with a history lost in the mists of time. It seems to have derived from a game called Alquerque which was was played like Draughts on a 5 x 5 lattice board with the pieces starting in an asymmetrical form.

The Madagascan game of Fanorona is a descendant of Alquerque. It seems to have been invented around 1680 AD and is still played today.

In approximately 1100 probably in the South of France, people started to use an 8 x 8 chequerboard to play Alquerque with twelve pieces on either side. This game ended up being called Dames ('ladies') although was originally called Fierges or Ferses The rule making it a requirement for a player to capture if possible was again a French conception which appeared roughly in 1535. The new game was called Jeu Force and this is the game that is known in England as Draughts and in America as Checkers. The old game without the required capture (huff) rule was henceforth known as Le Jeu Plaisant De Dames or Plaisant for short.

In 1727 the French invented the next development in the evolution of Draughts - which is now called Continental Draughts or Polish Draughts. This game is an improvement by virtue of greater permutations in play simply because it is played on a 10 x 10 board instead of an 8 x 8 board.

There are versions of draughts played on even larger chequerboards - in both Canada, Sri Lanka and other parts of S. E. Asia, a board of 12 x 12 dimension is used!

You can learn more about the History of Draughts from The Online Guide to Traditional Games.





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