1850 Staunton Replica Chess Set

(50050 / 50070)

A limited edition, unique collectors set to treasure for life and to hand down through the generations. These chessmen are a recreation of the design produced by John Jaques between 1850 and 1851 and are carved from fine boxwood and jet-black ebony.

Each piece is very heavily weighted and cushioned with rich English leather in the original Jaques tradition. The white King is marked 'Jaques London' and the King's rook and King's Knight bear the mark of a crown on their summits. The King's cross finial is accurately detailed and can be easily removed. Each set comes with four queens.

From the graceful angular Bishop's headpiece with its distinctive wide-open cut to the exquisite hand-crafted two-piece knight taken straight from the visage of the magnificent steeds gracing the Parthenon, this is one of Jaques finest ever creations.

The case is a work of art in its own right. Made in England with fitted wooden trays, miniature brass lock and key, it is lined in green baize and naturally carries a replica of the original label that was signed by Howard Staunton.

50050 50070 boardThis extremely high quality replica of the original groundbreaking set comes in 2 sizes (4 & 4.4 inch King - 100 & 110mm). The smaller set was generally used for standard interclub matches while the larger size was used for special occasions and high-end competitions (practice games within a club would have been performed with 3.5 inch sets).

A limited edition of 250 sets of each size have been produced (50050 & 50070). Each set comes with a beautiful hand-made chess board made especially for this set. Board surround dimensions are 35 x 35 x 21mm and the board which is let into the surround is approx. 10mm thick.

Please note that the hand-made board is currently out of stock. If you order the set now, Jaques will send you a 20" board to use with the pieces and they will send the hand-made board to you once it comes back into stock (later in the year).

Jaques Staunton 1850 replica set

To decide which board will best accompany your chess pieces, please see our rough guide to chess piece sizes.

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Jaques 1850 Staunton Chess Set with handmade board (50070)
Price includes delivery within Eng/Wales.

Approx dimensions: 4 inch king



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Jaques 1850 Staunton Chess Set with handmade board (50050)
Price includes delivery within Eng/Wales.

Approx dimensions: 4.5 inch King



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