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The most commonly used design for chess pieces in the world today is the Staunton design, invented in 1847 by John Jaques of London.  Prior to that time pieces were usually awkward to use, top-heavy or overly ornate.  John Jaques elegant but practical design was named after Howard Staunton, the world's leading player, and was an immediate hit. Over the next 40 years or so it was gradually refined into the classic pattern of 1890 and by the turn of the century Staunton had become the de-facto standard both for home and tournament play.


Limited Edition Original 1850 Staunton replica Chess Set
Jaques Staunton 1850 replica

Limited Edition Staunton 1890 replica Chess Set
Jaques Reintroduction 1890 Chess set

Fischer / Spassky 1972 replica Chess set
Jaques Staunton Tournament Replica Chess Sets

Jaques Chess Cabinet

Jaques Inlaid Chess Cabinet
Jaques Book-Style Chess

Jaques Book Style Chess Cabinet

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Lewis chessmen replica set
Lewis Chessmen
Replica Set


Jaques Chequerboards
Jaques Chequer board

Chess & Backgammon

Chess & Backgammon

Chess Clock
Chess Clocks








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