Historical Board Games

Historical Board Games

At Masters Traditional Games we aim to offer the most interesting selection of traditional board games available in Britain. This includes our growing range of ancient and historical board games - many of which are unique to our website.



Historic Chess Sets - replica notable chess sets from times past

Historical Chess Sets and replicas from the past such as Jaques early Staunton Chess sets and the historic Lewis Chessmen.

Buy Lewis Chessmen. Range of Lewis chess sets. Great Prices

A range of superb Lewis Chessmen replica sets. From leading Chess manufacturers Jaques and SAC.

Senet | Ancient Egyptian Game | Senat | Sen't

These Senet boards are based on the popular game found in Egyptian tombs. This ancient game is enjoyable for children and adults.

The Royal Game of Ur. Ancient Sumerian Ur. The oldest board game

The Royal Game of Ur is credited as being the oldest board game in the world! Both these versions are manufactured to a high quality.

Buy Bagatelle games. Unique range of pin Bagatelles

Largest selection of quality wooden Pin Bagatelle games and also accessories for the old English folding Bagatelles boards

Game of the Goose - The First Commercial Board Game

The Game of the Goose holds the accolade of being the first modern commercial board game! It is a simple race game governed by the throw of dice.

Asalto - Seige game

Asalto is a member of a family of games of unequal sides, the most famous example of which is the medieval game of Fox and Geese. Asalto translates from Spanish into "Assault" and a military theme is typical of games of this ilk in general. Other si...

Hnefatafl - the Viking game

The family of Tafl games is at least 1,500 years old and is most closely associated with the Vikings who brought it to all parts of Scandinavia, Britain and many parts of Europe and Russia. The game is a fascinating game of unequal forces and different...

Fox and Geese - medieval leather board

The earliest definite record of Fox and Geese is in the accounts of Edward IV in the fifteenth century. It is quite possible that it derives from the earlier Icelandic and Viking games of inequality such as Tafl or Hala-tafl that date from pre-10th centu...

Hounds and Jackals - Ancient Egyptian Game

Hounds and Jackals is an ancient Egyptian board game of the Pharaohs. It is one of the oldest board games in the world having been found in tombs dated at 3000 and 4000 years old. Only a few examples of the game have ever been found but historians have be...

Welsh Tawlbrdd - replica medieval leather board with wooden pieces

Tawlbwrdd is the Welsh version of the old game of Tafl that goes back at least to the 9th century. A fascinating strategy game of unequal sides, the objective of the defenders is to get the King to the corner of the board unharmed while the attackers mus...

Nine Mens Morris - replica medieval leather board with wooden pieces

This is an authentic leather replica Nine Mens Morris game with hand-made wooden pieces. Nine Mens Morris was played by both the poor and the upper classes in medieval Europe and these boards enable you to enjoy a little piece of history while playing a g...

Fanorona - Madagascan game

Fanorona is one of several games including Draughts and the native American 'Fighting Serpents' that appear to be derived from the old medieval game of Alquerque as outlined by Alfonso X in his 13th century book of Games. Fanorona is a Madagascan gam...

Irish Brandubh - replica medieval leather board with wooden pieces

Brandubh is the Irish version of the old game of Tafl that goes back at least to the 9th century. A fascinating strategy game of unequal sides, the objective of the defenders is to get the King to the corner of the board unharmed while the attackers must...


Surakarta, also know as Roundabouts, is an interesting abstract strategy game from Indonesia. The board has an unusual layout and gives rise to the game's unique method of capture which can only be achieved by a piece that first travels around one of the...

Roman Ludus Latrunculi - replica leather board with wooden pieces

Latrunculi is the classic Roman board game that has been found at dozens of archeological sites and in Roman graves across Europe. Also known as Ludus Latrunculorum, Latrunculi is a straight-forward strategy board game of war. Two competing sides captur...

Duodecim Scripta

Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum, also known as Duodecim Scripta or the Game of Twelve Lines, is a Roman game. Boards and remains of the game have been found at dozens of ancient Roman sites across Europe. Exactly how Duodecim Scripta was played is not know...

Fighting Serpents - Native American game

The 'games historian' Stewart Culin first discovered the game of Fighting Serpents as shown in his book 'Games of the North American Indians'. As part of a massive survey of games played by native American people, he found evidence of a board game with 4...

Agon - game of the hexagons

Agon is an abstract board game of with good strategic interest - the rules are easy to learn but the game is engrossing and suitable for both chlidren and adults. Agon is also a game of historical note, being the oldest known board game played on a he...

The History of Board Games

To learn more about the History of Board Games, visit the Online Guide to Traditional Games.


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